Finding Rest in Family Ties and in a 1992 Issue of Spectrum

This week's Adult Bible Study Guide meanders through the classic plot points of the Joseph story. The title, "Finding Rest in Family Ties," made me think it would focus on some connection between family and rest. Instead, with brief mentions of generational dysfunction those promised themes get left behind quickly as the lesson spotlights Joseph as Marvel-esque hero confronting danger, making the correct decisions, and ultimately beating the baddies. 

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Provocative thoughts, here.
Is the idea of a Biblical Family a social construct? Beth Barr makes a strong case that Biblical Womanhood is. Jesus cast a vision for family ties (indeed social ties) that would be different than the current cultural mores.
This essay challenges us to rise above stereotypical moral sayings, that may, in the end, just be a covering for patriarchy.
By the way, I am a big fan of Deborah Anfensen-Vance. I really did look forward to her pieces in the Adventist Review.


Thank you, Alex and to the Spectrum team. This was a very provocative article. I love my church because there is room for a variety of ideas to enrich our Christian experience.


Methinks Joseph found rest, despite his dysfunctional family, in entrusting his future to God. Need that be spelled out explicitly?

When we read the lesson with a critical attitude, we are more likely to miss the intended blessings. There was a lot to glean from the lesson about how to find rest in family ties despite all the dysfunctional situations one experiences.

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