FIRST LOOK: "The Irrevocable Call" Documentary Captures Ordination Debate on Film

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YouTube vlogger and film maker Ehren Hotchkiss has released a short documentary film called "The Irrevocable Call" that won best ministerial film at the 2013 SONscreen film festival sponsored by the North American Division. The short film follows the ordination debate as momentum built to ordain women ahead of the 2014 Annual Council Session during which delegates voted a question to send to the 2015 General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas. The film features many pastors and scholars who talk candidly about the topic, interwoven with archival footage of key moments in the recent history of women's ordination.

Get a first look at "The Irrevocable Call" below!

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(jeremy) #2

i enjoyed this presentation…bert haloviak’s historical overview was very interesting…i also think chris oberg has a real way with words - she could run her own talk show for sure…

(Chris Blake24) #3

This is an excellent film, combining logos, pathos, and ethos in an attractive, thoughtful package. One of the highlights (besides seeing friends on the screen) is hearing Chris Oberg’s question, “Who are we to stand in the way of the Holy Spirit?”

Who are we? Jesus says to the woman of Samaria, “The hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for such the Father seeks to worship him” (John 4:23).

Thanks for sharing this.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #4

A. powerful, dynamic presentation of the issue. Viewers will find it either compelling or unnecessarily divisive. Overall, it seems to me that the General Conference is losing its control over unions and divisions over an issue with absolutely no Biblical support. The number of ill advised actions over the past four years calls for new leadership as soon as possible. 1956/7 was the high point of Adventism. The passion of the film is at once its greatest asset and greatest fault. Tom Z

(Interested Friend) #5

And that goes as well for those who are convicted that the Holy Spirit beckons us to follow Christ Who had 12 male disciples as leaders of the New Testament church; and that the priesthood of the Old Testament was composed of males.

It is the mainly the impetus of culture colored by the aggressive feminist movement that has brought us to even consider ordination of women.
In The Grip of truth

(jeremy) #6

however, it is also the impetus of culture colored by the aggressive civil rights mvt that brought us racial legal equality and an awareness of the physical basis of sexual orientation, and ultimately, an awareness of the physical basis of our sinner status and orientation…while it is true that satan calls himself the god of this world and is the cause of all its evil, it is also true that god has his hand in human affairs, directing them to a point where he can demonstrate his glory convincingly…female leadership in the church, in the wake of the incredibly important ministry of egw, can be an instrument of god’s glory…

(Interested Friend) #7

You are attempting to draw a parallel where none at all exists.
In The Grip of Truth

(Kim Green) #8

If this is true…a big THANK-YOU to all those who (and still do) fought to bring us women to the deserving place of equality and for the Voice that calls these women into ministry for Him! He never fails us nor forsakes us despite those who believe differently.

(Winona Winkler Wendth) #9

I would hair-split, here, and not use the word, “fault.” “Detriment,” maybe? On another point: You are right about the “high point of Adventism.” I’m not sure of exactly what you mean, but if you are referring to a time of the Denomination’s most monolithic power, yes. Leadership was seduced, I believe, by that well-managed system so was not prepared for the national and global politics that pulled the cultural rug out from under them; they simply looked the other way. This was when some of the Denominations greatest minds were busy developing and stretching their intellects, to discover ten years later that they were not recognized, let alone appreciated. Much of the Denominatin’s nostalgic yearnings are to return to that time—food, clothes, architecture, management by unspoken consensus rather than negotiated objective. Maybe “Answers to Questions” made this group even more reactionary.

(jeremy) #10

i think there’s a big parallel between feminism and civil rights…both were long, hard fought fights that involved several supreme court rulings, and that have ultimately transformed society…

(Yoyo7th) #11

Israel wanted a king…and God let them have it.

(Yoyo7th) #12

The first woman to speak in the video reminded me of a certain woman in Proverbs.

(jeremy) #13

israel only wanted a king because the surrounding culture was predicated on a monarchy - god’s concession to israel was an adaptation of the gospel to culture…keep in mind that god sent his son through the line of israel’s kings…

would that be the adulterous woman in proverbs 7, or the virtuous woman in proverbs 31…

(George Tichy) #14

And she does! Here at LSU!

(George Tichy) #15

Congratulations North American Division!!!

(No wonder they are moving out to another building…)

(George Tichy) #16

No guts to be explicit about names?

(George Tichy) #17

Who chose the kings of Israel?

(jeremy) #18

no, i meant a tv talk show, like oprah’s…chris should be marketed nationally, and not just kept as an adventist secret at la sierra…

(Pagophilus) #19

And she needs to learn that a loud voice, emotion and tears do not win a biblical argument. You can ask who are we to stand in the way of the Holy Spirit. How do you know it’s the Holy Spirit? Is it in line with scripture? All of scripture? Or are we like the Muslims and their fatalistic Inshallah and Mashallah? If it happens then in must be the will of God.


I was shocked when I read that. I really would like to give yoyo the benefit of the doubt, as I would like others to give me, and not jump to conclusions. But, man, I really hope it wasnt meant as that. Is she not one of our SdA sisters in Christ? People (regardless on what side of the argument they are on) end up doing more harm to their beliefs than those who oppose it. I’ve seen this happen on both sides. We end up becoming our greatest enemy.

But I think he may be referring only to the part in Proverbs 9:13 where it says “she is loud.” I just can’t get myself to believe he would mean the rest of it.