Florida Conference Calls Doug Batchelor a "Polarizing Influence," Discourages Speaking Appointment

In a time in which some individuals are sugar coating the gospel for the sake of presenting something that the general public is accustomed to hearing,note us take two very important points into consideration. In the first place, as much as lots of people would love to argue on the validity of the Word of God, the Bible Is Still The Inspired Word of God. And just like Jesus, when He spoke truth, very frequently it made people feel uncomfortable because Christ showed that there way of living was not in harmony with the Father’s will. This caused mini-rebellion , to the point where the message of Jesus was accepted, but also rejected by those who professed to have great light and biblical teachings. Second thing is, today, instead of exercising Biblical Truth, we allow ourselves to follow the crowd because we still believe there is strength in numbers and the majority of perception should be bench mark for how we as Christians should operate. We sing this song that says, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, and the things of earth shall grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.” And so today’s church, has fixed there eyes on worldly theology, humanistic concepts, and a feel good religious experience to share with others not what we have experienced with God, but how religion should be lead. I admire Pastor Borh, Pastor Batchelor for standing up for the word of God! It is important that we leave aside all personal concepts and get reacquainted with Jesus, in order to know what is the true will of the Father in Heaven. This should be our Higher calling! Not just to stand and present a subject and give a good speech, but to present the will of God in all its purity! May the Lord grant us wisdom and peace to continue on carrying the gospel!


No, not at all. Pastors should have as much freedom as possible to invite speakers as they wish. The personal theological preferences of the Conference President should not enter into credentials issues for pastors.


I have had several come to my churches because of watching DB. And really none from watching other folk.

Before the vote, I recieved several booklets in favor of WO from the GC and some other sources. I recieved one con from DB. I think fairness would dictate that both sides be heard. Why is one man taking a position you don’t agree with polarizing unless you are seeking to squash a position you don’t favor, which seems a smidgen polarizing to me, or at least discriminatory. Sort of reminds me of the IRS scandal.


The question has been and remains, what kind of authority do the spokespersons against WO believe is invested in the ordained?

We will never get anywhere until that is known, by them, and pro-WO. Apparently the study of ordination requested by 2010 GC was used to preach against WO without taking time to understand the biblical meaning, leaving the anti side where they were, and have been, from the start.

I would suggest that Pastor Doug’s higher-ups, and all of us, call him to clarify, as well as other public speakers, where he stands on that. I hope the anti’s do not prefer to keep the biblical meaning of ordination vague so their followers are either unclear, or receive the wrong impression. :frowning:

May we all become focused requesting that issue be clarified to all, deliberately ignoring any and all distractions, tho related.


Totally agree with Pastor Cauley in discouraging bringing DB to Florida–While I personally disagree with DB regarding the ministry of women I will defend his “right” to disagree as I believe that this is vital to the health of the church. However,DB in taking the vociferious "scorched earth '
approach that he chose, will realize certain consequences as a result. His choice of inflammatory statements and vehemence on the subject of WO(including the despicable Facebook picture and commentary disparaging the Auttumn Council 2014) has defined him on his own as inflammatory and polarizing. He has only himself to blame for this outcome.
I recently reread George Knight’s biography of A.T. Jones. I was struck by the many councils from Mrs. White to Jones to tone down his rhetoric as it negatively impacted his influence–now in a time of rampant social media this advice should be taken seriously by all Christ followers. How much more so those that would be evangelists .Even a slightly curious person today can readily find DB posts which in this post modern era will negatively impact those looking for spiritual truth… As Tim Keller reminds us ,today so many have been inoculated against against Christianity that it takes much more for people to respond to the good news. As such we should always remember Christ’s words and be wise as serpents and harmless as doves…John Gilmore


Can’t have all that love of God and neighbor stuff going on! What was Jesus thinking, anyway! :smile:


I totally agree with Pastor Doug’s position on the matter. His view is well-grounded on the Bible.


I had to look up the word “polarize” for clarification. The word simply means divisive. I remember reading about a Sword being divisive. A Sword can bring the type of division that can separate something that initially looked like it would stay together. A sword can separate a man from his father… A daughter from her mother… A daughter-in-law from her mother-in-law. A Sword can make enemies for a man, even if they belong to his own household. (Matt 10:34-36 and Micah 7:6) The Word of God is also symbolized as a Sword. (Hebrews 4:12). But there is also another type of division, as Paul describes in Romans 16:17-18. If the Conference President is calling Doug Bachelor Divisive in the latter sense, then they would need to bring forth more evidence for such a sharp attack on a man’s ministry. Personally I am not a fan of Doug Bachelor, and I don’t think it wise to follow any man (or women for that matter) as far as their opinions go. Nevertheless I’ve always known Doug Bachelor to be a strong proponent of the “Bible and the Bible only” view. How can you discourage a church from a planned meeting with no Biblical evidence to back your decision? If the Florida conference is correct in discouraging a church from honoring an already agreed upon invitation of a legitimate (long-time) employee of the S.D.A. Church, then I think they should have more evidence of “divisiveness” because it sounds too opinionated. These last stages are already becoming extremely interesting. We are entering into a period of time, where believing and following the Word of God wholeheartedly will cause division. Out of the Florida Conference and Doug Bachelor, Which do you think falls more in line with the Scriptures?


Lightbeam, I don’t agree with DB on much, I will only agree with one point. Don’t withdraw a invite and say it’s because he has bcome to polarizing. I mean give me a break. DB was both polarizing and divisive before SA and will continue in that vien right on down the road and that’s his intention. However, this inviting then when you take some heat you withdraw the invite is the wrong deal. Just come out and say, " we blew it and invited a guy who is on the wrong side of right". This happens every year with commencement speakers. He shouldn’t have been invited if you don’t support his theology. Good grief it’s not like he changed. He has supported discrimination for a long time. And I sure wouldn’t want it going the other way. If Pastor Rany Roberts was invited by the FC and then got pulled because he was "to polarizing " many here might let out a big time yelp and call out the leaders as being big time wrong


Amen Abner… well said… It is a sad day when we turn on our own who are preaching the “Third Angels Message” while there is still time…


What is shared on this site won’t even register a tiny blip on the SDA radar screen.
Did even 2000+ delegates express the opinion/voice of the world SDA church?
I dare /challenge the GC and/or any conference officials to implement SURVEY MONKEY so as to use social media to hear the voice of lots more SDA on SOCIAL MEDIA.

Are people going to be swayed with such a small sample size of a few outspoken individuals?

So many claim issues or symptoms of church/denominational problems at various levels, based on their local or warped perspective/experience.
Maybe it is worse than any think and people just attend church because Sabbath observance would be extremely boring if 2-3 hours were not spent getting to church weekly.

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Bravo to Mike Cauley for calling “rebellion against church existing policies” exactly what it is.

When Bachelor supports the voted church official policies on ordaining women deaconnesses and women elders, perhaps allowing him access to officially church-owned properties would be appropriate.

By his own variance to policy and loud insistence on propagating rebellion, a war on Adventist ordained women, fully authorized according to church policy, he has brought this decision upon himself.

I applaud Cauley for standing up to the wrong, being true to right, and acting on principle. May the Florida Conference be blessed for standing up for right though the heavens fall.


Doug Batchelor has many websites helping to educate folks on the Sabbath, what happens when a person dies, free Bible studies & booklets, End Times, health reform & more. While he disagrees with women pastors/elders, so does the General Conference! Doug’s databases are a wealth of information for evangelizing, as well. And he’s not afraid to speak up about the pope either. In addition, every Sunday night, Doug has a Bible question hour on FM radio. It’s a shame that just because he goes along with GC on WO, he’s seen as polarizing. I use his literature a lot to share on FB for folks needing answers while they are in the questioning phase of conversion. God bless the man. He’ll meet many people he has helped saved in heaven.


I find several comments on this topic pertaining to Doug Batchelor, and also to the subject of women’s ordination very disturbing.
I have been under the impression that the Seventh day Adventist church organization is fully a Bible based faith, carries the three Angels message, and embraces the truths of the Spirit of prophesy.
When did some of the the Seventh day Adventist churches decide that God’s Word was to be changed? Does the Bible not say in Matthew 5:18 “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” Since the whole Bible is God’s inspired Word might this also mean that we should not be interpreting Biblical meaning to fit our own agenda?
All my years studying the Bible and prophecy I always assumed it would be something hugely impressive that would divide the church. Interesting that at this time in our history it is merely women’s ordination that appears to be a divider. I’m just saying…


I dont know quite what to say. Since when is the pope the meat of the 3 angles message, let alone of the gospel? The day this becomes official Adventist doctrine, please shake me out ASAP.


Friends especially my SDA friends,
It is quite appalling how we let Satan use us in ways to discourage the Gospel of Jesus. This whole conversation does not worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, whom we profess. As a result, the division among us is ever so present (exactly as Satan would like to accomplish). An over a subject of Women Ordination in the Church?


The civil war in the Adventist Church has just gotten a higher profile. We have a conference president publicly shunning a superstar evangelist with a huge following inside the Church. It has been obvious for years that there are two factions in the church that do not share a religious faith, but whenever I point this out, the tendency has been to shout me down as an alarmist or a hatemonger. If I can’t talk about a civil war when a conference president publicly calls out the highest-profile evangelist in our denomination, then obviously there is profound denial.


“The power of social media is arresting.” Well, of course it is. Any leader who has not yet learned that, should or soon will. Never, ever–EVER–put anything in writing that you are not willing to stand behind publicly or do not want to be widely disseminated. It’s just that simple. In fact, don’t even SAY anything which are are not prepared to have recorded and distributed to a world audience. The age of radical transparency is here to stay. Being “disappointed” will not undo that.


I find it interesting that this action follows a call to shun from an editorial in the GC’s official publication, the Adventist Review.


I don’t have a difficult time recommending Pastor Doug or Amazing Facts to others. The truth is, sometimes the truth hurts. People don’t want to hear the truth because they can’t handle it. Sad for them. I prefer referencing people to the truth. It’s up to them after that.