Florida Hospital Church Board Issues Statement on Annual Council

The Florida Hospital Church released a statement on October 27, 2018, announcing its solidarity with the Columbia Union and Pacific Union. These two unions both ordain women, and have therefore been deemed “non-compliant” by the General Conference. In the wake of the vote on the compliance document at the 2018 Annual Council, both unions issued statements reaffirming their commitment to women in ministry.

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It is greatly rewarding to see Unions, Conferences, Churches, and Church members lifting up their voices against the abuse of power perpetrated by the GC, and denouncing discrimination of women.

The cascade effect is taking place!


Thank you Florida Hospital Church Board - for speaking with such clarity the convictions of your hearts! Yours is an inspiring call to our world church - May they have ears to hear and hearts to embrace
equality. May God bless you!


"We affirm that no region of the world church can be allowed to hamper the mission of another region. When this is the effect of policy, then such policy is non-compliant with the great commission of Jesus Christ and must be opposed."

What a wonderful statement…so true!


this statement by a relatively affluent church entity could be significant in the event of litigation in courts of law…


From grass roots to money trees the response is loud and clear. But we are talking to a man who bane salt shakers. But the church is dealing with a man whose family has been stewing ever since Neal’s dad and Teds granddad lost his bid for GC President. At about the time that women’s sufferage was still an issue. since that time the world has had many women as head of state. The Catholic Church has many women saints. Adventism has only one. But the power elite ignores her counsel on the concentration of power. Now is the time to reconsider the very concept of a General Conference. The key is not statements but cash flow. when was the last time that those who voted in favor sent so much as a dime to the GC?


Ted Wilson, the GC President miscalculated his strategy of colluding with the “vulnerable” to get his day on women ordination by the so called non-compliant action. Already several Western Unions and institutions have defied the “glorious magna carta”, in his face even before the ink dries. What option does he have? Time will tell, but he can’t shoot the hand that feeds him.

The vulnerable African Church won’t go against him to keep the dollar, but my concern is, we have women government political ministers in Africa. Are such and others not competent to lead as ordained Pastors in the SDA Church?

I have a daughter who is a Pharmacist in the UK, and I would hate to hear that she cannot become a Director because she is a woman., and the same is true of women who have trained as Pastors, but they can’t be ordained because they are women.

This concept of the Supreme GC dictating top bottom is tantamount to the glorious Holy Father in Rome dictating top bottom to the Catholic Church…The African Church can keep the male chauvinist approach, but their model should not be forced on others, through the back door. Ted Wilson should read from the failed poll tax legislation in the UK…unenforceable policy…

Adventists join the Church voluntarily and if they feel stifled, there are only two ways: kick Ted out or disengage.


Excellent. Concise and eloquent.


Like your thoughts. The other option of “disengagement” is schism…because no other real option was given by Ted Wilson. We live in interesting times, friend.

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There are times when being non-compliant is compliant. This is one of those times. Great and courageous stand.


The only issue is what God’s word says. Any bible study on the matter of ordination of women to pastor or elder results in only one answer —God says no. All these reasons given to do it (women have top positions in political parties, are leaders of nations, are corporate leaders, are highly educated, whatever) ) have zero to do with it - zero. To push for WO for those certain positions when God says no is to plainly not allow God to say something to us and go with it. Because we maybe do not fathom all the reasons is no reason to not believe God. There are no times when being non-compliant is compliant when it comes to Gods word.

frank, how do you explain the fact that a majority of our bible scholars at andrews seminary and the BRI say that the bible doesn’t prohibit WO…are they all in apostasy…

also, how do you explain the kind of leadership power egw had when she was alive…for 70 yrs, she went against every aspect of paul’s counsel to women in 1Timothy 2…


Frank, are you a believer in the Last Generation Theology?


Please make yourself familiar with “prophet”. EGW called to be a prophet by God personally has zero to do with the issue of WO. God can call a woman to be a prophet just the same as a man to be a prophet.

I actually could not explain what that means, but if they believe in WO, they are in error.

Ok…do you believe that we are living in the Last Generation before Christ’s return? Do you believe that it is possible and necessary for the members to become “perfect” before Christ comes?

Do the majority of our bible scholars at Andrews seminary and the BRI believe Romans 8: 1-2, Romans 12: 1-2, 1John 4:17, Ephesians 4:13 and dozens of other passages that say the same thing? what percentage do you think?

I do believe its getting close…am I in the last generation? probably not as I am elderly, but the last movements will be rapid, so maybe so. I hope so. It is obviously totally possible to be perfect in Jesus…not just possible, but actually the only way to be in Jesus…Christ in you the hope of glory, and those 4 passages I have provided are = to glory. It is disconcerting for me to deal with professed Christians that deny the plainest words of God.
Obviously, we cant know the minds and hearts of others, but when one expresses things wholly opposite the plainest words of scripture, well, you know they are opposite scripture.

I think much disagreement about the “plainest words of scripture” has to do with interpretation of them, Frank.

What has prompted you to start commenting on Spectrum now?

I agree, but many, many things are so plain that there is no “interpretation” needed, just a decision to believe God or not.
I am replying because I have some downtime and read some of the articles and was moved to reply.