Florida Hospital Church Board Issues Statement on Annual Council

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Welcome to Spectrum commenting, Frank…it can be interesting here and you can learn a lot. :slight_smile:

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Yes, especially current events and realizing how much some are into politics. I suggest staying away from politics altogether as it is not good for opening ones heart to love except maybe tribal love, you know, the type a cannibal may have :slight_smile:

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lol…never heard that analogy before but you may be right. I am aware of politics but since I am neither Dem or Rep, I tend not to invest as much into outcomes. :smiley:

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well, in her prophet role egw taught men, exercised authority over men, and spoke thousands of times to packed congregations consisting of men and women and children…paul would have had a fit…in fact egw’s own brother had a fit, and begged her not to take to the pulpit and disgrace the family name…


This seems to be the foundation for the NAD response to the noncompliance document.


I’d guess all our scholars at Andrews University believe passionately in the scriptures mentioned, plus many more.

However, not everyone sees eye-to-eye and problems occur.

About Ellen White and WO, Frank, she held ordination credentials for at least six years, was listed in our SDA Yearbook as an ordained minister of the Gospel, preached to thousands, and ministered to millions.

I’m sure you know this as you are calling on others to become “familiar with the prophet.”

We are told in Joel to expect in the last days our women and our young women to prophesy.

How would you welcome a female prophet at your home church to share her prophecies? In the downstairs Cradle Roll? Or from the pulpit preaching like EGW?

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Absolutely…very clearly and concisely.

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This is an assumption, that “God says NO.” Can you come up with a biblical text to support the assumption?

The interesting part is that nowhere in the Bible God says that ministers need to be ordained. There was no ordination in those days (first century AD). Ordination was introduced in the Christian Church by Tertullian, as a means to keep the power in men’s hands only.

But, of course, there will always be those who say that “God says this and that” when God never said a word on the subject.

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Can God call women to be pastors?

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You never heard of LGT? WOW!
Well, let’s try this: You certainly are familiar with the heresy of “perfectionism,” right? The LGT is just a fancy name for it, to disguise it from the unwary.

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Welcome to Spectrum. I hope you will post interesting comments that will contribute to the enhancement of our knowledge and wisdom.

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Obviously, George…God only chose to do that ONCE…a one-off and never again to face competition! :relieved:

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