Florida Hospital Waives Fees for Pulse Shooting Victims

Florida Hospital and Orlando Health will not be billing Pulse Night Club shooting victims. On June 12, 2016, more than 50 people were injured and 49 were killed in a terrorist attack/hate crime at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

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Absolutely the right thing to do. If only hospitals could do this more often :wink: @teresa_q @FaithOfOurFathers


Not attempting to be combative but other than the fact it was a high profile incident why is it the right thing to do any more than helping out any other victim of a senseless crime? It is like after 9/11, there were all these charities for children who lost a parent etc. but why is that any different than the thousands of children every day who lose a parent to less reported issues? In no way am I callous and want everyone to receive the care they need, but just curious why these victims are any more worthy than someone who suffered a less high profile, senseless hate crime.


It’s simple: Good P.R.

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And from a business perspective that is completely understandable. I just (most likely incorrectly) took the post as meaning from a moral standpoint it is the right thing to do.