Food Fights

In the autumn of 1995, I attended an early childhood education convention in Washington, DC. My main purpose was to find a number of publishers who would agree to distribution rights for the Southeast Asia region. One company invited me to an evening reception at the Willard InterContinental Hotel on 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue. As I looked out the window, down at the next building, a burst of adrenaline dilated my pupils and altered my heartbeat.

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Thank you for this article touching on agriculture. This fall I was privileged to attend the Chelsea Flower Show in London, UK. There was much talk about strengthening their island’s self sufficiency, encouraging everyone to have a garden, whether in a balcony pot, a paved-over parking space or in a larger yard. The most beautiful exhibit (my opinion) was a vast show of fall vegetables, artfully arranged against a huge wall. They were showcasing anyone’s ability to grow nutritious food for their families (especially while we are waiting for the Sweet Bye and Bye).

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