Foolish in the World

“We are not purveyors of ready-made meaning. This commitment to truth, as pilgrims rather than arrivals, is what allows us to confess that as Christians… we are first and foremost explorers rather than illustrators.”[1]

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Thank-you for a wonderful article, Barry.

For myself, I can see that you were “gifted” with words to help us spiritually which you do lyrically and poetically with Grace.


Another artfully written and thought provoking essay, Barry. Thanks :slight_smile:


@webEd None of the links in this article work. They link to a onedrive account. (like

Maybe you are not “fool enough,” this why you can’t access it. Ask Allen, @ajshep, maybe he can upgrade your fool status… :slight_smile:

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@timteichman, none? The links to the books and websites seem to work just fine. The footnote “links” don’t work (and rarely do because of an issue between Microsoft Office and our CMS), but you can simply scroll down to see the references listed at the end of the article. And, as always, we recommend you read the article on our actual website, not here on Discourse, because Discourse cannot pull footnotes (or other formatting) over correctly.


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None that I tried.

Well, there are five footnote links in the article, [1] through [5] - and yet there are only two at the bottom of the article, [2] and [5]. Also, the second one reads only “Oakley, Mark, p. xvii.”, a person’s name and a page number, and I can’t figure out what it means.

I think you should make the links work. Rather basic functionality for a page…

Hi @timteichman, as stated in my original response, please read the article on our actual website instead of on Discourse. You will find all of the footnotes there. We have stated many times that Discourse is not capable of pulling formatting over from our actual website when it auto-creates its version of articles for people to comment on. You are more than welcome to contact Discourse with your complaints on this issue, as we have done many times. Perhaps they will listen to you.


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Oh. I actually never go there, but instead only spend time here.

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