Forgiveness, Remembrance, Do Not Resuscitate

Words, like the humans who use them to communicate, evolve with time. This is simply because the meanings we attach to words change over time as the circumstances that gave them birth change. Once, the word “girl” was unisex and used to describe either a young male or female. Then, in the 15th century, English did what it does best in word acquisition and pilfered the term “boy,” which the French had been using as a pejorative for “slave” or “one of low birth,” and began using it to refer to young males exclusively.

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I suspect that it will be different things to different people. My mom who is over 100 feels like she has lived a long and satisfying life. Her prayer is “how long, Lord Jesus, how long?”. Her choice is to be in pain or to be so sedated that she can’t think straight.
From I was a child I remember her saying if you have a choice don’t resuscitate. It seemed like she was so happy with her life that any change would be for the worst.


Whoa…how did this essay on forgiveness slide off the road into ‘why we should all set up DNR instructions’?


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