The story gives insight into the predicament in which we have found ourselves: caught in the cross-fire between God and Satan.

The story is NOT about the woman. It begins during the Feast of Tabernacles when Jesus was teaching in the Temple. “The Jews marveled, saying, How does this Man know letters, having never studied?” John 7:15. The “shade” against Him would be thrown again by the Pharisees (who considered themselves the “Lawyers” of their time), in a very derogatory manner. “Have any of the rulers or the Pharisees believed in Him? But this crowd that does not know the law is accursed.” John 7:48-49

The unstated question revolved around qualifications for holding forth as a teacher in the Temple. Apparently, more people were drawn to Jesus’ class than to theirs, resulting in their jealous covetousness. The very sentiment is evident among them when Jesus was hailed as He entered Jerusalem. “The Pharisees therefore said among themselves, You see that you are accomplishing nothing. Look, the world has gone after Him!” John 12:19

And so the woman was publicly humiliated, thrown before the people and Jesus. She became a lab mouse to test His knowledge, hopefully to bring Him down in the eyes of the people."[The question they asked was to test Him], that they might have something of which to accuse Him." John 8:6. Now, the woman was guilty. She had sinned. The expectation of the Pharisees therefore was that Jesus, having shown Himself to be a friend of “sinners”, would let her go and then the people, learning then of this law of Moses and considering the vileness of “adultery”, would immediately turn against Him and embrace them who were “qualified, actually knew the law and executed it ‘correctly’”.

But like Solomon showed long ago, Jesus looked them in the eye and said, Let him whose house is perfect condemn the General Conference. 1 Tim. 3:1-13


Perfection is not a choice. Discrimination is!

Just to clarify, a simple question:
Do YOU support the GC’s discrimination crusade against women’ ordination as evidenced by their actions in the past few years? ____ YES … … ____ NO

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I am playing the “devils advocate.”

Can anyone give me a text that condemns any existence of slavery or states women should be bishops/overseers? To make an argument based on the lack of specific information is an argument of futility. It’s like sometimes God doesn’t answer prayer right now but…later the time might be right.
Does it mean God changed or circumstances may have changed?Numb.36:1-13. Also all issues aren’t the primary priority for all times.


Careful, you will be stoned to death here, wink.

I don’t fear that…but can you make the argument from a scripture absolute that women should never be allowed at any time under any circumstances to be ordained?


My first quandary is the problem they must have come up with in reaching a “consensus” type of statement, when such divergent views were presented. So far, it doesn’t look like too much of a consensus. There was a lot of “waffle” in many of the arguments for example, which made it tedious to read through.

And of course, it is to be remembered, it still in not the GC in session, and only a committee report. It was not a true vote, or a representative meeting at the level of the GC in session.

More to follow.

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I hear you, and your argument is far more valid that the “oh show me what’s wrong with it” style of reasoning. That is what set us apart from Protestantism in general for approximately a hundred years. As a people we always demanded a show me where it is enjoined.

Don’t get drawn into the loaded questions you will witness here. As the pirate said, “will you walk the plank and jump off, or shall I run you through with my sword? yes_____ or no _____”

Following biblical principles is not discrimination in the least, and the person making such a claim is actually making the accusation against God - fearful position to be in. At least none of the GC and TOSC committee behaved childishly.

Let’s stay focused and attentive. You were asserting a “biblical principle,” weren’t you? Now the goal posts are shifting to “not the GC in session, and only a committee report.” And there is more to follow? Are you kidding?

George @GeorgeTichy is right. There is no biblical text.

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Simple question: is the scripture to the Galatians true or false? “In Christ, there is neither male nor female, Greek nor Jew, slave nor free.”

Not loaded. Simple. Direct question.

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Still waiting for a convincing bible text.

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A loaded question is one which carries with it an EXTRANEOUS context that is immediately and incorrectly applied to the answer.

For example, you ask whether Ga;. 3:28 is true or false; but you’ve loaded your question with the baggage of the WO issue. Anyone replying “false” would be denounced as non-believing discriminator against women, but a “true” answer would be hailed as enlightening, glorious, modern, right in support of WO.

BUT, the context of Paul’s statement in the scripture was NOT about holding positions in the church, but about salvation, the gift of eternal life. Anybody can be a parent, sure. Nevertheless, only a man can be father and only a woman can bring forth a child.


What does this have to do with women the Holy Spirit has gifted for spiritual leadership?

The context of this verse is that in Christ there is no discrimination. The principle of God is no bias, no sorting, no prejudice. It is not limited to Whom Christ saves–all are eligible. This is a Biblical principle that came with the New Covenant.

As Joel says, in the end times your young women shall prophesy. (speak, preach, teach, discuss, share spiritual principles, counsel, discipline, lead). This is a Biblical principle. Equality. Non bias.

There is nothing “loaded” in these principles. Only by those who are defensive or fearful of women being blessed by the Holy Spirit with leadership gifts.

That is what I meant by saying your query was simply a loaded question. You lifted Gal. 3:28 out of its context and packaged it with the WO issue, wickedly using the misapplication against anyone who answers.


You missed the point completely. Gal. is a Biblical principle of Heaven, the foundation of God’s government: no bias, prejudice, preference, or hierarchy based on ethnicity, race, religion, gender, wealth, or any other demographic. There is nothing loaded about it. It’s straightforward, clear, open, and applicable as a PRINCIPLE of the Gospel: who speaks it, who receives it, who accepts it. When the Holy Spirit gifts someone for spiritual leadership, He is not limited by the demographics that “Man” wants to limit.

Stop limiting God. Stop trying to rip the Gospel out of the mouths of people whose gender you don’t want to preach it. Stop your worldly prejudices. God is so above these man-made limitations.

You are missing the overarching principle. God is limitless. And He calls Whom He calls. Men, women, young men, young women (Joel). God is Sovereign. Who limits the Sovereign calling of God?

I am not sure about what your “set us apart from Protestantism” means?


Are you familiar with the document World Affirmation Church Sabbath (WACS) is circulating to be signed? Notice the last paragraph which explains their priority.

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The closest I could find is 2 (two??) Corinthians 8:24. But only anti-WO people would dare to use such a verse to defend their cause.

Hmmm,… “only a committee report?” Yes, a $1 Mi+ committee report. And if it was “only a committee report,” why didn’t TW allow it to be presented to the “GC in Session?”

I don’t get it, why do some people defend what is wrong no matter what? Are they already affected by what Trump does on a daily basis???

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You are certainly asking the right question. I am glad you decided to ask it.
However, don’t be surprised if you don’t get an objective answer but, instead, a lot of malarkey. That’s what I got every time I asked that question. But I sure wish you the best luck! :wink:


Thank you Harrpa for posting trash… :roll_eyes: :innocent:

Yes, I am serious, though. Who are those people that are approaching Church members with such an arrogance? Who gave them any authority to do that, the GC?

This mystery has to be elucidated. Is the GC behind this, supporting them, and taking advantage of the fact that they are mere lay people?

And who is going to archive those disgusting, repugnant pieces of paper? There is people’s information on that form (when filled out). Will those insane people respect the HIPAA law?

What is next, sequestering church members’ bank accounts to verify if they are paying tithe correctly?

Those are dangerous people, and we should avoid any contact with them. I bet 90% of them are Russians!!! :open_mouth:

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This is the WACS, the group the Upper Columbia Conference just released its statement about.

This is their attempt at being divisive, not really harmony.