Former Assistant Dean Recounts Mold Outbreak and Evacuation at Washington Adventist University


Were you a “Halcyon” resident?

I was a “Morrison” resident for 4 years. There wasn’t a “drug” that wasn’t available in my era from “speed” to “quaaludes” from MJ to Heroin. (Predated the “cocaine” era.)

Some things never change.

Personally, I didn’t “blame” the administration in my era or now “blame” the present WAU administration for “availability” of “drugs”.

The present administration already has an overflowing laundry basket of “issues” to keep them awake 24/7.

Availability in Takoma Park and the surrounding area? Absolutely, both then and now. We were hardly dodging syringes and pipes in the hallways, though. And had the deans and administration discovered it, students would at least be away for a time, if not permanently gone. Interesting that this offhand mention of drug use seemingly indicates it is an accepted fact of life. Maybe it is shrugged off like the flooding, mold, roaches etc. The health, safety, and legal risks just keep piling up.

but peter, the operational system in place had obviously already broken down…how many more opportunities does WAU admin need to prove their incompetence, and unwillingness to take responsibility…i think if the larger church community were involved somehow - and let’s face it, we all have a stake in our schools - i think we’d see more accountability more quickly…

i think the significance of this story is that WAU may need to be shut down, which i think is a situation that should involve at least the conference, if not the union supporting WAU…that is, i think it’s quite clear that inaction on the part of WAU admin was related to the actual as well as implied costs involved, and the perception that there wasn’t the money to deal with those costs…if a school is so cash strapped that it can’t deal with situations that endanger students’ health, i think this is an indication that it isn’t viable any longer…


Thank you, Spectrum and Alisa. Your report is a fine piece of investigative journalism … and obviously took time and research! Sadly, too many branches of Adventism need ‘watching!’ Historically, WAU/CUC is one of the more significant higher educational institutions within NAD. Its future now appears squandered! It is a Columbia Union Conference school; oversight belongs here!


Yes, CAU may need to be shut down. NO local conference has any jurisdiction over CAU, however. The accrediting agency would be the most likely to do this if Spence doesn’t successfully dupe them into believing everything is rosy. That may become increasingly difficult to do, however.


The WAU Visionaries Gala invitation came today. The event is to be held at Congressional Country Club, the cost of which must be truly remarkable, and guaranteed to be mold-free. At $600 per couple, we will decline. Of course, for $1000 per person for yourself and several guests, other perks are on offer. Basically, you can pay to have yourself recognized.

While the need for fundraising is apparent, I wonder if such an extravagant venue is needed to tempt people to attend. By the time the Gala is paid for, what amount will be leftover to benefit students?

Is it usual for a member of the Board of Trustees to be an Honoree at an event of this nature? Maybe so.

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Elizabeth, public documents show that one year the Gala lost as much as $43,000. The money is slated for scholarships and other student-related uses, but there is little transparency about expenses or profits from the event. One year the major award went to the chair of the board, the Union president. Another year there was a major expense incurred to fly in one of the top Jamaican politicians, who was an Adventist, and his entourage. So it goes. . .

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Oh, Dr. Casey, thanks for this (distressing) information. It’s quite sad, considering the sacrificial service given by so many people to build a school of which to be proud. So much potential has been squandered.

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