Fourteen Million and Counting

Certainly not the best advertisement for Adventism…“Join us to be hunted and persecuted”


Well…there is a certain segment of the population…lol


Masochists will jump in the “Boat of Salvation” by thousands!!!.. :wink:

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Perhaps Christians are in the “Little Time of Trouble” and Scholars who
write and print our Church Papers are blind to it.
Actually, many more than just God worshiping Christians have been
killed [murdered] while worshiping God in their houses of worship.

Elvis Pressley used to sing a song “I’m all shook up.” I think the song needs to be included in the Adventist hymnal.


Two Issues that are applicable to “I’m all shook up”, are discontinuing
“Commissioned Pastors”, and allowing for ALL INCLUSIVENESS in
the Church Body for those who love God and wish to develop an
improved relationship with God.

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