Frank A. Knittel Passes Away

(George Tichy) #22

Well, we were the lucky ones anyway… :slight_smile:

(Steve Mga) #23

I dont know where you live, Apparently dont know much about McKee Baking and Little Debbies and their other food company there in Collegedale, TN.
McKee’s can say I will support another Union and another College and the earth shakes in the SouthEast United States, ready to fall off into the Gulf.

(George Tichy) #24

The are always those who actually “owe the business.” They are everywhere…

(Elaine Nelson) #25

“Little Debbies” goodies are in all the supermarkets here in California.

(Catherine Titus) #26

In the late '50s while I was on the faculty at Union College in Nebraska, Frank Knittel’s name came up in faculty meeting as a potential candidate for one of the administrative positions at the college – academic dean, I think it was. He was enthusiastically supported by many who knew him personally. Unfortunately he accepted a different call, so I never had the opportunity to meet him myself. But I locked that name away in my memory, determined to follow his career if possible. Obviously, based on this tribute today, he was a unique and wonderful Christian leader.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #27

The tragic truth is that the Adventist academic community is once again facing a tyrannical mind set rather than one based upon justice, compassion, and discipline in the search for and sharing of truth within a Christian rather than a narrow doctrinaire worldview. an excellent read would be "Academic Freedom and Christian Scholarship by Dr. Anthony Diekema, former President of Calvin College Grand Rapids, Mich. Eerdmans . Tom Z


I admired and appreciated the way Dr. Knittel supported his faculty during crisis times and against all kinds of pressures, including donor pressure. He could not be bought or sold.


I remember having Dr. Knittel as an English teacher for Composition II. He loved words, and imbued us with a love for the power of words and for looking for creative and imaginative ways to say things.

Among the many stories he shared during our class lecture and discussion times, he remained passionate and upbeat.

Dr. Knittel, Dr. Jerry Gladson, and others there during the late 70’s and early 80’s (SMC) were men that reflected a singular passion for honesty, integrity, and a commitment to truth. I was a theology major at the time and switched at the end of my first year to enter computer science. (Ford issue and other reasons). I knew both personally. Why, because they took the time and effort to get to know me as a student.

I remember this time with sadness – one thought jumps out at me – if truth is truth… it stands alone. I know both of these men loved God and students under their charge. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

SDA church… as it is now with “forced groupthink”, cannot afford to allow actual interaction and continued study regarding it’s fundamental doctrines. To do so destabilizes the monetary flow, which includes the “authority dualism” of Ellen G. White.