Freedom for All

LOL…you have really outdone yourself this time (ridiculous statement category), Birder.

I don’t believe that this is much of an issue (SS marriage) in the atheist’s circles…just why would they possibly care?!?

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Well, Birder- for once we agree. When you take the money you gotta follow the rules…and those rules are a 2 edged sword for Adventists.

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Well, I can’t speak for them, but an author I read who is both gay and an atheist had this to say:

Gay marriage is stupid and offensive. It’s a grotesque mockery of traditional marriage and traditional religious values to the point of being completely Satanic. In fact, the High Priest of the Church of Satan was ahead of the curve on this. He’s been all for it for years. (I used to have friendly arguments with him and his wife about it, actually.)… The real net effect that gay marriage will have – that gay marriage is designed to have – on the general population is the further erosion and subversion of sex roles and gender norms.

Entire article here:

Saying that society has no interest in marriage of two people of the same gender, does not make it so. In fact, it is in societies interest to ensure all couple have legal protections because it creates stable homes, many raising children. This in turn creates a stable society. To exclude same sex couples is to put those people and their families in an unnecessary disadvantage. This also affects the future of society.

The legal system is already in place to provide legal protections, how does adding same sex couples create an expensive legal system?

Alarmist a little? ANYONE who condemns homosexuality?


David, just curious…just where did you obtain stats for this fact??
As far as I know, no such thing has been investigated on a state/governmental level or put to vote.

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And for every one of these opinions…there is another. Proves nothing.

Yes…this may be true.

Not alarmist…paranoia. :slight_smile:

What he has to say is vile and offensive. Not every gay atheist is a good person.

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Pago, I do agree with what you are saying in general. The issue arises when people have to choose between the “good” parts of their job and then don’t like the “bad”. No easy answers for every situation.

Put a big mark on today’s date on your calendar! It’s your "lucky day of 2015."
Because today you got one “like” from me! But I bet this is it for the whole year now… :slight_smile:

Yes, we agree on this one.

(Now you’ve gone and made him doubt his sanity. - website editor)

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Of course not. I never said as much. Indeed people (gay and straight, theists and atheists) are basically evil. But even evil people can be right, and even vile language can be truthful.

I bet what he had in mind as actually the lawyers’ fees involved in the whole process… Those people are expensive, and he knows that… :slight_smile:

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I don’t see how his views add to the discussion. If he had been respectful, stayed away from tired and baseless stereotypes maybe he could be taken seriously. He uses words that are deliberately offensive and deliberately inflammatory; that is just the start. How can anyone take his writing seriously?


I don’t think it is too surprising to find that those digging up dirt like that start acting like it and throw it in other’s faces.

Trust the Process.


The first two paragraphs read

I’ve been arguing against same-sex marriage since around 2005.

I’m not against same-sex marriage because I hate homosexual men, or because I don’t think they are capable of having long-term relationships. I’ve been with the same guy for 14 years.

What part of that start do you find to be “deliberately offensive and deliberately infammatory”?

Then he shouldn’t mind…lol


“I don’t think they are capable of having long-term relationships”

A baseless stereotype if there ever was one.

The rest of the article displays crude, poorly reasoned, inappropriate inflammatory language. It is patently obvious. I hope you don’t need me to point this out.


Actual quote: “I’m not against same-sex marriage because I hate homosexual men, or because I don’t think they are capable of having long-term relationships.”

You find it offensive that he disagrees with what you yourself call a baseless stereotype?

This is supposed to be a place of reasonable discussion. Using that link to bolster your argument is disrespectful to people who seek a reasonable discussion. It is littered with inappropriate, immature and offensive language. I can’t believe you actually pointed a link to it!