Friedensau University 4th International Symposium — Day 1

A four-day reminder that “The Kingdom of God is at Hand.”

The Fourth International Symposium, sponsored by the Institute of Adventist Studies at Friedensau University, was planned for April 2020. But, as has happened with so many academic and other events, the COVID-19 pandemic threw a spanner in the wheels. But now, at last, the symposium about the “Adventist Interpretation of Biblical Apocalypticism” is under way. Apocalypticism is best defined as the idea that human history on this earth will soon end because of divine, salvific intervention.

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My first reaction was to say - funny, defining the apocalypse in the middle of the apocalypse; or, - not seeing the forest for the trees. So I just wonder if those who are living in the midst of the apocalypse know they are living in the midst of the apocalypse.

If we’re still looking for the traditional “666” and eyeing the mountains nearby, maybe we should turn the channel now and then and get a fresh perspective on what’s going around us.


Thank you for this report. Looking forward to the next ones!

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Thank you, indeed, for expanding the reach of this conference in Germany. I am very much encouraged by noting how the presenters have been searching for ways to understand apocalypticism as having to do with keeping alive faith in God while the living conditions in God’s world do not demonstrate his ownership of the world he created. Reading apocalypticism as allegorical prediction of the immediate future of the reader is a fool’s errand that ends up promoting conspiracies.


In may view, taking current conspiracy theories and combining them with biblical prophecy is one of the biggest challenges of today’s Adventism in the Covid-19 situation, where we sit isolated at our homes and are being bombarded with all kinds of information. Through social medias everyone can easily produce his/her own version of the present truth and the actual Gospel message is getting lost in the flood of different actualization of biblical prophecy without biblical support.

Unfortunately. ecclesiastical authorities rather than disassociate themselves from those promoting such non-gospels actually promote them. That is what is causing the crisis in which the church finds itself. I congratulate the faculty at Friedensau for the planning and presentation of this symposium.

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