Friedensau University 4th International Symposium — Day 4

Apocalypticism and our role in society.

Having inspired the symposium participants on Tuesday and Wednesday in short meditations on the themes of “Apocalypse and Resistance” and “Apocalypse and Ecology,” Dr. Kendra Haloviak Valentine asked her listeners at the beginning of this fourth and final day to focus for a few moments on “Apocalypse and Slavery,” and to reflect on some important questions. In many respects we are slaves, but whose slaves are we? Who do we belong to? Whose seal of ownership do we carry? Do we realize that the Apocalypse was given to show Christ’s “slaves” (Greek: douloi) “what must soon take place?”

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I read with interest all 4 reports and I wander when (if ever) will these interesting presentations filter to us, ordinary members. Even if it goes into print, will it be available in our churches? Probably, not. And which pastor will preach a sermon or sermons based on these presentations? Will there be a Sabbath School Quarterly solely based on these, admittedly, very interesting ideas? So, is it only for the Adventist Academia to do these symposia every few years and feel good about it? Finally, “where should we go from here?” To another symposium in four years’ time.

From what I have observed, everyone could register from all around the world. The ones, who were not part of the speakers, could watch the youtube channel, one in English and one with a German translation. Then in the evening, all, meaning zoom speakers and youtube participants, could get on zoom and could talk in individual zoom rooms with the speakers and each other. There were lay members, pastors and all kinds of people interacting. It was an experiment. They said that the papers will be printed.

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