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From Carmen Lau, board chair:

Last Sabbath, I heard a sermon by David Hartman, professor of applied theology at Southern Adventist University. He asked, “What is the pearl of great price in Jesus’s parable?” Hartman offered two meanings gleaned from the writings of Ellen White. First, the pearl is Jesus. Second, the pearl is every person without regard to background or appearance. Either meaning offers space to imagine relevance for now and is an example of willingness to mine the text beyond one flat truth to open hearts and minds. Since Ellen White did this, by implication, one would think that this invites consideration that there could be more than one meaning to a Bible verse.

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I appreciate the high quality of Spectrum’s journal and website, as affirmed by these Press Awards. Congrats!


I’d like to congratulate Spectrum, as well, and encourage you all to keep up the good work.

I’d also like to thank the team for providing this forum which I use-some would say abuse-to try to put into word ideas that are important to me, personally, but which are probably impossible to express.


Kudos to Spectrum for these awards, particularly to Alex, Michael, Raquel, and James.

Well conceived and well done! I’m glad we’re a member of ACP. Keep up the good work.


Congratulations Spectrum
Great achievement and well deserved for your continuing encouragement of conversation that challenges the unsatisfactory status quo and calls for organisational change in the pursuit of divine truth. You have advanced the cause so effectively in the last couple years. Keep up the great work

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