From Where I Stand: Confident

The elderly man towers over the strong young woman. The sound of dripping water from a leaky faucet is the only audible sound as he waits for her to carry out his command. Wordlessly, she turns and begins to prepare dinner. Her eyes, devoid of hope, stare blankly at the torn floral wallpaper above the stove. 

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“I was blind to that incredible good news because I believed I was broken, damaged goods.” We are all broken, damaged goods; some of us in different ways than others. That has been the state of humanity ever since the first sin; and yes, God loves us anyway, unconditionally; but, it does not follow that God wanted us that way or wants us to stay that way. Some differences are God intended variations, He likes variety; while others are the results of a sinful world. As for homosexuality, I have some views that would anger both sides, and I’m not all that sure are correct.

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