Future Faith — with Martin van Rensburg

Sydney Adventist Forum is producing a five-part series of Zoom interviews called Future Faith.

Future Faith features Seventh-day Adventists who are re-imagining their church and their faith for more effective mission.

In this third episode, Martin van Rensburg talks ministry to Middle Eastern refugees with his father, Pr Andre van Rensburg. As chaplain of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency Community Centre in Logan Central, Brisbane, Andre’s learning his parishioners are more interested in belonging than believing. His advice for other Adventists: get out of the building and stop talking to one another.

Watch the video on the Sydney Adventist Forum’s Facebook page here, on YouTube here, or below:


More videos in this series:

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This article was written by Brenton Stacey, Public Relations Officer, Avondale University College.

Image: video still.


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Rensburg’s mantra is on target, refreshing, and timely! Thanks for sharing, Brenton. Am looking forward to viewing the Future Faith series!


I love Andre (and Margaret) and Martin van Rensburg. They make me pleased to be Adventist and even more pleased to be a follower of Jesus.

Thanks, fair dinkum mates! May your tribe increase.

Mel, you will certainly like this one too, just fresh from the oven:



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