G. Alexander Bryant Named North American Division President

Post some pictures for the world to share your joy. We have to know how our “prophets-to-be” look like.

I will. They are still naked… I think it’s best to wait until they get at least some underwear… :laughing:

By the way, the “keet” that passed away, that I mentioned prior, was a retired pastor who knew everyone and everything, from top to bottom. He could almost tell you things before they actually happened :open_mouth: No kidding! I miss him, he was by best friend.


If you don’t believe God can and will lead the church, why be a part of it?

If you understand the relationship, then why are you advocating asking someone who has no power to force changes what changes he will make? And why ask someone who, whether it’s true or just a platitude, has to say they are going to advocate for whatever God wants, what changes they personally want?

Either you believe this is someone who is truly going to try and follow God’s will, and that’s going to be their answer to “hard-hitting questions;” or you believe this is a politician who will push their personal agenda, in which case they clearly are going to give you a politician’s answer not announce their agenda to the world.

Again, he has a 10 month term, the majority of which is going to be spent in a global crisis. Expecting public, or even private, aspirations beyond surviving it seems very unrealistic. He’s going to have to be focused on helping limit how many more Pastors and Teachers get fired over the next 6-8 months… and you are wanting him asked if we need to worry about a church member committing another Waco an hour into the job lol.

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I never said that I didn’t believe it. I simply said that the assumption that the choosing of leaders within the SDA denomination is never about God’s leading and always about politics and posturing.


That’s really not your option to say, now, is it? LOL


Was TW making a swipe at the previous NAD president with this comment? And is Bryant more of a 3 angels person than the previous guy? What are the implications if he is?

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