G. T. Ng, General Conference Executive Secretary, Announces Retirement

On March 31, 2021, Adventist News Network, the official news outlet of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, announced via Twitter that General Conference Executive Secretary G. T. Ng is retiring:

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i feel a bit sorry to see G.T. Ng retire…i always got such a kick out his presentations…he injected much needed humour at the GC…

He will be easily replaced.

well, he’s leaving 33% of the GC Executive empty…and even if there are plenty of names that can fill the Secretary’s shoes - Kyoshin Ahn, for example, even though he’s been NAD’s executive secretary for barely 8 months - nobody’s going to have Ng’s gift for disarming jokes just at the right time…

i thought he was the perfect character foil for TW, who, from what i’m seeing, isn’t going anywhere…here Ng is at AC2019, cracking a really good joke:

we’re not going to see this again any time soon…

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