GC Addresses Racism in New Voted Statement

If the pizza is as good as you say, I am sure you can continue it for 6 days! Get ready, eat a lot of pizza Allen, in order to have energy to read long posts… :roll_eyes: :innocent:

I wonder how it feels being an “honest hypocrite”…


Discrimination itself is the problem if it is not based on some superficial thing like skin colour or anything that has nothing to do with the character of the person concerned. A Scottish work mate said that his family won’t have anything to do with him because he married an English girl, yet by looks you wouldn’t know where in the UK or Europe he came from. I had a hard time as a kid because I was skinny and others because they were fat. All this is ridiculous, but happens because of the sinful nature that a lot of people allow to dominate their minds.

There has been and is discrimination against women which is unreasonable, especially with the technology we have now. However, we mustn’t confuse those kind of issues with issues designed to destroy the human race. I have discussed before the reason God made humans male and female was to replace the fallen angels. God used sexual reproduction to do this in order to reveal different elements of His character. Humans will be made equal to angels and then replace the angels that went missing.

Satan hates both of these goals, which is why he promotes abortion, homosexuality and the gender confusion, female ministers (God is giving specific messages about Himself in the way He organised religious things). Marriage is the human term for ‘mating’ which requires only two genders, male and female, in order to reproduce the species. A lot of this ‘equal opportunity’ and breaking the glass ceiling and STEM student levels etc is based on Satan’s hatred of God. Do you see much on TV, in movies or in the news about successfully having and raising children and having a balanced marriage?

George, you know that pizza is not pizza, unless it has chicken hearts :wink:

Nah. We are too busy with overriding every decision POC around the world make. Wait, what? @ajshep, the kid in Zimbabwe is about to choose vanilla ice cream? Override! It’s dark chocolate only for you little guy. Man, I wish I knew that global white supremacy is such a heavy burden. Wait, what? My wife is about to cook eggs for breakfast. Override … It’s pancakes now. Those Asians are getting out of hand.


Really makes one wonder…flowery statements of universal brotherhood and equality among the races of humans without tangible actions dismantling it I think the most sincere form of hypocrisy.

Given that this issue has been made plain it makes me think that failing actions as a church (members as well) to eliminate discrimination in all its forms (racism, gender, etc) the church would have to be considered to be in a state of open rebellion against God in this matter.

I really can’t consider it to be anything else.


Maybe the GC declared independence from God, but there was no memo about it so we were never told that uh? This way the black-suited guys upstairs can decide by themselves whether women are 80% or 85% human.


Why do we make such general statements. The statement dose not address directly racism, equality, etc. It only talks about it generally. It is a weak statement. It gives no commitment to changing racism within the the church. There is no clear apology for how the church dealt with racism and equality. GC leaders, kindly redo this statement. It is weak.


A prolix voted statement that will not result in any actual change. Tithe dollars at work. Sir Humphry Appleby would be proud.

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Yeah, I know, Arkdrey. my shift was terrible. Had to override one guy 5 times. He would just not let it go. Name of Harvey?..Harold?..Harry! that’s it! Have had to spend a lot of time with him lately. Seems some white guy has riled him to step out, think beyond the GWS guidelines. Even thinking of a girl friend, had to overrule that one too…

Is it still 1984…?

No, only lizard hearts for me.


I’ll keep my “kare-kare.” :rofl:


Kare-kare sarap-sarap :slight_smile:

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What is a kare? What is a sarap? More information please, my brothers. Learning mood.
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“Kare-kare” is a Filipino beef stew cooked in peanut butter sauce along the lines of Indonesia’s chicken satay. “Sarap-Sarap” means “delicious” in Filipino dialect. If I were right, our friend @Arkdrey is married to a Filipina, by default an excellent cook.


Great. Now I am hungry. Sounds fantastic. A recipe of this sarap-sarap dish would be most welcome. My husband can also cook.


No, it Barone’s with or without lizard hearts. Never had a lizard heart actually. probably tastes like chicken…

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I like white pizza, sans red sauce.
I’ll take the charge that my choice is based on white supremacy.
White sauce supremacy.
cacio e pepe

I am a fair chef, I’ve been told (and I humbly concur), so I make my own crust, yellow tomato sauce, and use homegrown spinach, oregano, basil, thyme. I’d a beena italian, butta my momma wouldna letta me…(gesturing with gusto)

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The question the is which Filipino dialect, being as how there are I think three mainline dialects…

And of special note here, I see we have 5 days to go and are doing well at not talking about the elephant in the room! :joy::joy:


Oh, that PINK elephant?

It brings to mind how the GC will not address the male-privilege bias that patriarchal society has inflicted upon women since Adam’s sartorial (and oratorical) largess.
How is it that we can do the full monte regarding the politically expedient present redefinitions of racism but then utterly fail to even acknowledge the far more prevalent, far older, and far more broad biases against women?

It really is mindbogglingly maddening myopia, evincing our total hypocritical and self-serving blindness. That we then claim special knowledge and dispense doublespeak apologies, fabricated votes, and dismissal of scholarly conclusions we paid for shows how high handed our sin is.


Oops! Somebody exposed the pink elephant! :innocent::innocent:

This is what I meant when I said that white people don’t have to think about racism…because they have Black people to do it for them.