GC Addresses Racism in New Voted Statement

And yet garrulous harry has made it clear-
he mutes, by any and all means, by dismissal and diatribe, anyone who dare disagree.

Even if he has to crank up Public Enemy to ear bleeding volume./

Impossible to have respectful dialog with some folk. 'Nuf said.

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I’m surprise Harry @Harry_Allen would do a thing like that as he supposedly came to dialogue so he could learn a thing or two about racism? :wink:


Now that’s an idea. Wonder if I can pitch it to them and make a fortune. Where’s my non-disclosure agreement? The devil will pay.


Well, I tend to inadvertently run across a range of articles that point out all of the racist things that I do lately. Today I discovered that white people owning dog is racist. I am a double-racist in that regard. :rofl:

Thinking of that, Adventists can put one big stick in the wheels of the Catholic Sunday laws efforts, by officially declaring Sunday laws as racist. Pope could be declared racist too. Catholicism would quickly drop in attendance.

If only we could figure out a way to make not going to church on Sabbath as racist … we’d have to build arenas just to keep up with attendance!

Think about it, Adventism can be rewritten as the only true religion of anti-racism. It is racist to take the name of God in vain, etc. It is racist to covet thy neighbours ox, or his wife.

Imagine… Doug Batchelor talking on 3ARABS ( 3 anti racist angels broadcast saturdays ) about how racist Jewelry or Evolution is. Or how racist it is to have sex before marriage. Or how racist WO really is.

Of course, the above are only racist if white people do these. But, still… think about possibilities. Adventists would pretty much own the twitter. :slight_smile:

@Harry_Allen could be in charge of writing new quarterly! Imagine what you can do with that, Harry.

Ok. I gotta stop :rofl:


Would breathing count as racism? :rofl:


Sure, we can think of something. White people , on average, have higher lung capacity.

It puzzles scientists as to why. But we all know why…

Cause they are greedy air-gobbling racists, that’s why! :rofl:

#BLM Breathing Less Matters - racial equality apnea initiative.

Ok. I really have to stop.


In that regard I am a “small mono-racist.” This is my dog, Fifi, a 13 y/o Chihuahua. She is a very generous dog, she allows us to sleep in her king size bed. basically every night. She is also a “believer;” she firmly believes that she runs the home… :rofl:

You better because the KGC may already be following you everywhere you go… Watch out! Beware of any black-suited guy coming too close to you. :laughing:


Ha! As Seinfeld said… Dogs are the leaders of the planet. If you see two life forms, one of them’s making a poop, the other one’s carrying it for him, who would you assume is in charge?

KGC? Oh, you mean Knights of Golden Circle… Well, actually we need them in that case. They would be a perfect swap for Jesuit infiltration conspiracy. :rofl:


OK Arkdrey, George @GeorgeTichy & Harry @Harry_Allen

Here is a heavy question, Is it possible to have racism without a race or a racist?

Pile it on!!!

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Sorry Elmer, I no longer engage in discussions on racism… :innocent:

Can you indulge for one more day? One stinking day!

This topic will automatically close in a day.

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Sorry, I made a commitment to myself a few weeks ago. When I jumped out of all/any conversation about racism. Being white, it was not advisable for me to even combat racism, which I was doing. I was still being poked by a sharp tongue anyway… :roll_eyes: So I quit for good…

I am now eagerly waiting for Spectrum to post a new/revised GC Statement including “Women Discrimination.”


It sounds more like a rhetorical question. :slight_smile:

The obvious answer is no.

The less obvious answer would be that discrimination would still exist based on other external markers that could be grouped together to achieve the same effect.

If you think about it, discrimination and oppression of women… is essentially racism, in a scope of biological classification linked to perceived inferiority by males, etc. The concept isn’t that different. It just jumps categories. There you go @GeorgeTichy , you can join in now :wink:

You could think about our approach to classifying beauty and “hotness”. There are viable parameters in which our brain works through selection of proportions in humans we find beautiful and “presentable”. But these are arguably an atavism of our evolutionary past that we should be aware of, and question utility of these presets, given that plenty of what we think of as “ugly people” are living and prospering in a system detached from direct biological parameters for success.

There was a moment when I won a bid for a biggest project of my career at the time. We hung out with exec in charge after the first few phases and got friendly. He loosened up around me a bit. And it was time to cast for one of the segments in which the client specifically wanted an Asian female reader. I asked my wife to audition. She is a great on-camera reader with journalism background. She gained some weight after our first child, but it wasn’t anything beyond any woman would. So we had some Asian agency models, and my wife for auditions taping that I brought in to review. The guy really loosened up, and started making comments about how he would take them to dinner. Or how one of them was so hot that he would need a pair of oven mints. I was hoping that my deadpan would be enough to avoid confrontation but my irritation was getting to that threshold. When he saw my wife for a few seconds, he blurted out something along the lines of…“Why would you even think this one would work. You should have sent this frumpy one home at first sight.”

… What followed wasn’t quite like that choking scene from Good Will Hunting, but it was fairly close. The guy had to escape the room :slight_smile: I had to explain the situation to the client and they apologized profusely, and swapped for a female exec… and she picked my wife as a reader, and I’m pretty sure the guy was fired. I never told her this story, but she played part in educating someone about sexism, beauty, and competence. :joy:. Maybe some day, when she would be able to laugh about it without feeling self-conscious.

These stories are rare in my experience as a blatant display of impudent sexism. But entertainment industry will quite openly discriminate based on looks… and end up feeding the standards that leave plenty of people needlessly depressed on both sides of the screen.

So, I’m not sure we can approach these subjects without considering why we are doing these things from biological perspective. And why it’s no longer viable, and why it robs us of human potential. So, a lot of “it’s just wrong” should be explained much much much better.

I’m fairly certain it’s something @Harry_Allen can agree with, and hopefully not make it about white people trying to redirect attention away from white supremacy :wink:


@Timo—and I want @elmer_cupino to hear this, too—because I take my reputation as a fair player, here, at Spectrum, seriously:

With all due and appropriate respect, this is one of the dumbest things that you’ve ever written, and it is vitally untrue.

To say I “mute” anyone, or anything, here, is to be deceitful. It is to attempt to gain—an edge—that which you cannot gain by the force of your arguments…all of which are frighteningly bad, the few times you’ve sought to make one.

The people with the least ability cry “unfair” the most. I have neither the power, not the interest in “muting” anyone. Indeed, what has happened, more, is that it has been wished on me that, ultimately, I will be the only person writing here, abandoned by all others, and, thus, be effectively muted.

What’s fascinating is that you speak this shameless untruth to @Kate, with whom I’ve had nothing but effective, respectful, not-always-in-agreement dialogue.

Ask her how much I’ve sought to “mute” her, “by any and all means, by dismissal and diatribe, anyone who dare disagree.” Ask her how “impossible to have respectful dialog with” me it is.

You write like English is your eighth language. This is not a slur against you being a foreigner; @Kate is one, also. This is against your self-indulgent unwillingness to communicate, or even to stay on topic; e.g., constantly plying the boards about sexism…in posts about racism.

I’ve actually responded to you on this topic, by the way. I say that most females are non-white. So, by speaking against racism, I am working to alleve most women of that which most weighs on them. (In fact, my first conversation with @Kate was on this very subject. She’s a woman, you’ve noticed, too. Our discussion went well.) I’ve given this response to you many times. Your reply: Goose egg.

Finally, you claim I’m garrulous. According to Oxford, this means, “excessively talkative, especially on trivial matters.”

On which trivial matters have I been “excessively talkative”? RACISM?

I want you to hear me when I say this: Only a racist would call racism 'trivial.'

And, to be clear, I am not calling you a racist. But I am saying, “Sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.”



No, don’t. This is hilarious.

Do “anti-semitism,” now, and add in some holocaust denial.

This should be a riot.


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There is no biological basis that one race is better than the other. Racism is an ideology. It is one of many heads. The foundation of racism also anchors religions, nations, “oppression of women,” (Are you listening GC?) clubs and teams among many. There are a number of adaptive defense mechanism to relieve its core tension such as humor, reaction formation, intellectualization and rationalization. I would surmise the apple core to racism is the same core that ate Cain and drove him to murder his brother. Envy.

There are biological, cultural and psychological factors that foster racism and unless all three are considered in its resolution, its ugly head will constantly pop up.

It is thus possible to have racism without a race or a racist since the psychodynamics involved and used are similar across the board. The names and facades are different. A Ford is still a Ford, whether it be a Mustang or Pinto.


Why would I do that?

In other words, if white people are re-directing the attention from white supremacy to something else—this being a frequent racist function—give me an excellent reason why I shouldn’t point it out.


Thanks, @elmer_cupino.

It’s like asking, “Could you have pollution without a polluter?”

A: Not at first. But, with enough of it, of the right kind, you might.



Well, no, that’s false, GeorgeTichy.

Being white, you’re in the best position to both combat and, even more importantly, eliminate racism.

However, your refusal was to engage with the best arguments about racism. You were apparently embarrassed by their propositions. This left you unenthusiastic, it appears, for more rigorous engagement. This is typical of what white people frequently do.

It’s like you’re Richard Dawkins, and I’m William Lane Craig: