GC Session Conversations: Audrey Andersson

Audrey Andersson, secretary of the Trans-European Division, kicks off our series of GC Session conversations, describing how she became a leader in TED.

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what a delightful, engaging little chat…i can’t help but think of the following egw text:

“It is not always men who are best adapted to the successful management of a church. If faithful women have more deep piety and true devotion than men, they could indeed by their prayers and their labors do more than men who are unconsecrated in heart and in life.” Pastoral Ministry:36.

as audrey describes the technicalities of what she does, along with its purpose, and why it’s so important, i’m struck with the sense that she’s very competent at what she’s doing…she may not have been called to pastor a church, but surely her managing talents are being used just as egw directs…

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It is noteworthy what Audrey isn’t talking about… The image of a power hungry (or authority seeking) feminist is so absurd for her, as it would have been 38 years ago when she studied at Newbold - just like a few other women - most of which never got employed by the church. Quite hillarious, by the way, when she tells the story how she was at times welcomed as a secretary from the TED (secretary as in typist), rather than the executive secretary - the second in command - within the TED. :slight_smile:


As in the introduction of this piece. Which is why I did not watch, just another pro-SDA human interest story.

Trust The Process.

Fair enough - it seems we waste far too much time on issues that are not decisive. I happen to know Audrey for almost 37 years - thus my interest is different. Having said this … her “career” is quite remarkable - both inside as well as outside the church - and all that without any of the attitudes that so often are attributed to women in ministry by opponents of WO.


This is the story of many women: hired as a lawyer with a firm and then expected to be the typist and “gofer.” When will men recognize the special and unique qualities women have to offer?


Well, Elaine, it’s obviously not just the church. :wink: Not a relief, for sure. In the TED Audrey is taken quite seriously actually, and when Bertil Wiklander stepped down from his position as president, there were a few people who wondered … what would happen, if …


Jeremy ; A “little chat” seems a bit of a demeaning way to sum up this interview. I gave your post a like ( heart) as I appreciated your affirmation of her ministry role.

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why would you see “little chat” as demeaning…audrey’s aura of ease and naturalness as she explains her work is evidence that her responsibilities are easy and natural to her, which means she has talent, which in turn means she’s just where god wants her to be…