GC Session Day 3: Response to Diversity Concerns

During the Wednesday night business meeting at the 2022 General Conference (GC) Session, Lowell Cooper, chair of the nominating committee, responded to concerns about diversity and representation during the nomination process.

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Simple: Little to none, and proping up shelves

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Pundits of past General Conference Sessions have sometimes asked how many delegates actually perform their primary duty to vote on the proposals. The implication has been that some engage in sightseeing in the nearby communities while others may spend time in socialization with other delegates. To my knowledge no study has ever been given to this question.

I will note that one important issue related to the establishment of a position on individual Church Boards to foster the so-called Spirit of Prophecy. A total of 943 people voted in favor of that position, while 480 delegates voted against it. Thus, a total of 1,423 person voted out of a total of 2,673 delegates. IOW only 53.24% of the delegates voted.

I did the count on a couple of other proposals. On one 50.69% of the delegates voted and on the other one only 39.24% people voted.

One would think that the election of the GC President would be an important vote on which every delegate would vote. Ted Wilson was elected President by 1,284 people who voted for him, while 431 voted against him. This was a total of 1,715 people who voted or 64.16% of the people eligible to vote. In other words, some 958 of the delegates did not vote at all.

This is not acceptable. This Church spends large sums of money to establish a system where elected representatives may vote on denominational issues. People who are not going to vote on the issues should not be elected.


Ted Wilson has already raised her to this level. She is an idol for the SDA.

This was not a prophecy, for she was rejected right from the start with her fake visions.
This will not effect salvation of any Bible believing soul.


Wow… excellent observation. This is so true, especially in regard to delegates–mostly officers and their spouses–from my home division. It’s an opportunity to enter the U.S.A. legally and take a tour of the country. Just hanging around for some photo shoot, and more sightseeing. What do they post on social media (FB)? Embarrassing. Besides the election or re-election of officers, there’s no mention regarding issues they care about and wished votes went one way or the other.

Just curious. What would happen if each division and union executive committees were required to send one front-line, full-time church pastor and one lay person to represent every 500 congregants, plus an additional front-line, full-time church employee and one lay person above the 500 figure? We’ll see the likes of Randy Roberts and associates; Dwight Nelson, et all… attending the GC session, right?

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If I understand correctly what we have been told about using Election Buddy as voting system, it guarantees anonymity in regards to “what” a delegate voted for, but can give you data on “who” voted. And that is new… Knowing the office, no longer called office - (some renaming we also spent time, energy and money on) namely Archives, Statistics and Research, I am pretty sure they will evaluate the participation pattern of delegates. I am tempted to ask - not only because I exercised my right and “enjoyed” more than 12 hours of meeting each day, with not even a chance to eat on some days, but because some votes could have turned out differently, if delegates had not abstained.

However, to be fair … there have been technical issues - at least at first. AND becoming rather tired over time … I voted once or twice, but did not “submit”.

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Andreas, we thank you for your service and for the view from the inside.


My heart desire and prayer is that the church should be Holy Spirit led. The Head of this church is Jesus Christ and the church should be lead by the Holy Spirit. Its amazing how human wisdom is distorting biblical truths.

While there is great appreciation for the writings of EG White, some local churches still have a long way to go to interpret the bible itself. The Sermon on the Mountain forms the basis upon which Jesus Christ wants a Christian to live but i have experienced too much focus on Spirit of Prophecy and not reverting to the source, THE WORD OF GOD itself.

Hear, Hear! Idolization of EGW is a serious concern and needs to be squelched. My guess is that the new position would be spoon fed to the persons holding this position and would likely use her own writings to justify their stance of “idolizing” her.

Even bringing up percentages of ethnicity is racist and should not be focused on. Jesus didn’t so why would the church of today? I believe we serve best when we focus on the heart and the person, not the ethnicity or color of a person.
Posted 6/10/22 10:11 pm.

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