GC Session Day 4: Business Meetings Finish

Consideration for the Church Manual amendment titled “Pastor and Other Church Employees” has been suspended due to time restraints, according to General Conference (GC) Associate Secretary Gerson Santos.

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The church needs to spend more time discussing and actioning things that matter rather than group editing a document nobody reads. All the collective time, and resources - for what? No meaningful outcomes.


My thoughts exactly! Does anyone think that the wording of the “Church manual” will actually affect how “inclusive” a local church’s mission focus will be?

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In my opinion this was one of the very few “real life” and quite relevant changes to the church manual. As I believe in preparation for baptism, I also believe preparation for marriage is appropriate. We do have a problem when the church only focusse on membership akquisition, rather than helping people in their real needs. In fact, we may find that if we scratch where it itches, we even could become more relevant to a society around us that is beginning to realize that high divorce rates are not a sign of freedom, but of failure.


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