General Conference and Division Officers Divided in Latest Vote on “Compliance” Document

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Ah, that would not ever intimidate Wilson. He has great support from very rich people who can probably make it up for him easily. You know, his base, the rich saints… Besides the GC has way more money than they can use. They have great “reserves,” they can survive for a long time…

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Exactly, they should not use the headache excuse because then the husbands will say that if they just took the Tylenol by mouth everything would be “just fine.”

By the way, didn’t we declare OCTOBER being the Women on Total Strike month? They should be quiet in church, not speaking at all, and doing absolutely nothing as well. They could actually take a break and stay at home watching the services on the Internet.

Can you just imagine the pastors’ despair if they had not women around to do “the church services?”… :open_mouth:


Please share this message of EGW with all the delegates to the 2018 GC Annual Council, this could open those eyes that need to know the truth about those COMPLIANCE COMMITTEES as originating from the evil one =

All the delegates to the 2018 GC Annual Council need to read EGW statement for them=

“All the compelling power is found only under Satan’s government. The Lord’s principles are not of this order. He would not work on this line. He would not give the slightest encouragement for any human being to set himself up as God over another human being, feeling at liberty to cause him physical or mental suffering. This principle is wholly of Satan’s creation. {par. 7} The principles of the character of God were the foundation of the education constantly kept before the heavenly angels. These principles were goodness, mercy, and love. Self-evidencing light was to be recognized and freely accepted by all who occupied positions of trust and power. They must accept God’s principles, and, through the presentation of truth and righteousness, convince all who were in his service. This was the only power to be used. Force must never come in. All who thought that their position gave them power to command their fellow beings, and control conscience, must be deprived of their position; for this is not God’s plan.{par. 8} These principles are to be the foundation of education in God’s church today. The rules given by him are to be observed and respected. God has enjoined this. His government is moral. Nothing is to be done by compulsion. Truth is to be the prevailing power. . All service is to be done willingly, and for the love of God. All who are honored with positions of influence are to represent God; for when officiating, they are in the place of God. In everything their actions must correspond to the importance of their position. The higher the position the more distinctly will self-sacrifice be revealed if they are fit for the office. Every heart that is controlled by these principles will be loyal. But when those who profess to be in God’s service resort to accusation, they are adopting Satan’s principles to cast out Satan; and this never will work.” {par. 9}

RH, September 7, 1897 The Great Controversy

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I like the quote, it’s very pertinent to the discussion. But posting the same thing on every single thread may not be liked by the @webed
Besides, it’s kind of weird, because when people read it once, then find it again and again on other threads, I doubt they will read it again and again… :roll_eyes:
Just my .2 cts

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If you threaten, you better be prepared to follow through. An empty threat does more damage than doing nothing.

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Jackson indicated in a Q&A that is probably still available online at the Azure Hills church website a couple of weeks or so back that neither he nor the NAD were pleased with the proposed issue of compliance committees and that should they become a reality the NAD would act. He was more than a bit mysterious as to what that meant.

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As the Committee gathers it’s collective spirit, I want to make a plea for consistency in our policies in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek example. The arguments that I have heard about prohibition of ‘Women’s Ordination’ follow an historical logic that is gender exclusive, but no direct proscriptions from scripture prohibit the ministerial work of any person.
I recently spoke at my home church that when we argue about ‘rights’ we all fail from worldly perspectives because none of us have any rights in the Kingdom of God that are not given to us through the blood of Christ. He alone entitles any of us to anything of a spiritual nature. It is His purpose, through the Holy Spirit, to empower every member of His church to preach the gospel in the work of saving souls. As quoted in Joel by Peter, God pours out His Spirit on our sons and daughters. It is God alone who ‘ordains’, anoints, and sanctifies.
George Knight’s letter in this forum is profound and reflects my own sentiment that we seem to have inherited a ‘Catholic’ version of ‘ordained’ and anointed’ ministers. I say, unashamedly, that I disagree with our present perspectives on ‘ordination’; that it does not reflect the texts in Acts that speak of laying on of hands to bless the ministries of those lead by God.
Now, for the punchline of my thoughts: If we are to be consistent in ‘compliance’ issues, I suggest we consider the following logic. If our sons wanted to become an ‘ordained’ minister in our church, they would attend our University system and take specific courses to that goal. If our daughters followed and even surpass in the exact same courses, they would be prohibited from the same goal those courses are designed for. My argument, though already somewhat apparent, is that the Universities are already not in compliance because they offer our daughters a course of instruction that is specific to ‘ordained’ ministers. Women who have paid tuition fees for these courses should be reimbursed and the colleges should be closed for ‘educating’ our daughters against what is argued as ‘Biblical’ precedent. Were women allowed in the schools of the prophets? In the rabbinical schools? Was Deborah simply an aberration? Was God contradicting Himself by choosing a young woman in the 1800’s?
I’ll stop now, but not before I remind myself that Jesus’ 2nd coming is upon us and that God is pouring His Spirit upon those who open their hearts to Him. I feel like it’s time to reexamine our definition of ‘ordination’ and apply it as a public recognition of the Spirit’s calling in a person; much like Baptism publicly recognizes the spirit of repentance in a person. To bind ‘ordination’ to money, power, or authority, is unfair to the scriptures, and to the ‘priesthood’ of all believers.


Amen. Why is this ignored and so hard to grasp? Why the ultra-rabid discrimination against women and especially women with leadership gifts?

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harrpa, and those gifts’ are given by the Holy Spirit. As the song goes in Fiddler on the Roof: “Tradition”.


It is as if the Right Hand (administration) wants to oppose what the left hand (seminaries) are doing to prepare workers for the vineyard by separating the workers by gender when the Holy Spirit’s gifts are nondiscriminatory.

Yes! Why is our church administration abandoning the Priesthood of ALL Believers and focusing on coercion by gender discrimination? Where is our allegiance to Scripture?

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As a suggestion, why don’t you edit your text breaking it in shorter paragraphs? Some people don’t read it when there is a long text like this in one solid block.
Just a suggestion, to maximize the potential of your point(s). :+1: :+1:

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George, thank you. I was never an English major, so writing for me is always trial and error. Keep up your excellent work in this forum.

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Well, nice meeting you Guy. Your last name tells me you are Italian, right? Do you live in the US, or Italy?

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George, still maneuvering around this website and trying to figure out when people actually post me. But to answer, I am, indeed, a full-blooded Italian (Though father was Sicilian, mom was northern Italian). Was born in Boston area, but grew up in Lynchburg, VA in the same neighborhood as Jerry Falwell (with whom I was well-acquainted. in fact my best childhood friend was in the first graduating class from Liberty U). Anyway, presently retired and living in the ‘Italian’ city of Naples, FL after 30 years of 55hr/wk as an Anesthesiologist back in the Boston area. (Med school at LLU in the early 80’s, BTW)

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Great to read your description.
My blood is 100% Czech. Parents and older brothers were born there, I am the only one born after WWII in France. When I was 10 months old we moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil. At age 39 I moved to Riverside, CA - close to your alma mater LLU. I actually live about 2 miles from LSU.

I am a psychologist, just retired last January, but working 2 days a week still - to keep the brain in shape to deal with the heresies… and the discriminators… :rofl:

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I think we should pronounce POTSDAC with a silent D. -> Pot Sack.

I don’t know what that means, but it sounds funny to me.

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@heyguyman - George is correct. Due to an eye coordination condition I have great difficulty in following text that goes on and on, unbroken by paragraph spacing. I Lose my place and either end up missing content or repeatedly and fruitlessly reading the same few lines of text.

Thanks :blush::blush::blush:

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In my case I think it may be “a brain coordination condition”… But it’s just a thought. I will leave it for Elmer @elmer_cupino to rule on this one… :wink: :roll_eyes:

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i will contribute a pair of comfortable shoes to diogenes…

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I have ADHD. Even if I wanted to, I can only pay attention up to 20 seconds and that’s while I’m taking my meds. On those times when I forget my meds, all bets are off…

@heyguyman welcome to the conversation. I’m a psychiatrist, double boarded in general and child & adolescent psychiatry. I’m trying my best to retire but I keep on getting calls for help but so far still no calls from the GC leadership for consultation. :blush: