General Conference Delegates Discuss Women's Ordination

Four General Conference Session delegates—from Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division, Trans-European Division, and the North American Division—talk about the vote to allow divisions to make provision for the ordination of women. This short video from Spectrum Media provides candid thoughts on this Session's most controversial subject.

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I find it fascinating that delegates could’t draw a distinction between the theological WO and the practice WO by Divisions!


Perhaps that was the Desired Intent on the part of many sections of the World.
Ignorance is a Way to maintain Slavery. To keep “2nd Class Citizens” 2nd Class.


I don’t think the comparison between not ordaining women and slavery is comparing apples to apples. But I could be reading your intent wrong. If so I apologize.

I think that Steve is emphasizing the “ignorance” part…

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It was a little hard to catch everything they said, but I thought both of the African men seemed to agree with women preaching or at least to be willing to consider it. Is that the way it sounded to others?

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Yes, at least one of them did. I would have to listen again…but it was somewhat difficult to catch.

There were 4 interviewees, 3 women and 1 man. The man said wimen in ministry is becoming common in Africa but that he had not yet made up his mind on ordination.