General Conference President Ted Wilson Pens Open Letter Alleging Religious Liberty Abuse by Burundi Government

(Sam) #21

No one is being persecuted in Burundi because of his or her religioius beliefs. In Burundi, the Roman Catholic Church speaks loud on many issues. The bishops have complained about other issues, but never about religious liberty. The GC and the Division should accept to face the truth: politics kills the church instead of making is strong. Church governance is the problem, not religious liberty. Those who were arrested on Sabbath, 4 May, had beaten the church pastor and they almost broke his nose. Investigations led to the arrest of the 2 pastors who are said to have organized this violence.

The Division is protecting people who has embezzled church funds. This is proved by a report from the General Conference Auditing Service. For more inside information, you can contact me through my e-mail.

(Sam) #22

I am from Burundi and my entire family is Adventist. We are all enjoying religioius liberty in this country. All our churches and institutions are functional. At the highest level of public institutions, we have God-fearing Adventists: several CEOs of public institutions, members of parliaments, senators, President of the Constitutional Court, etc.
The only problem we have is poor leadership at the Division level whose interests are dictated by maneuvering for the upcoming elections in 2020. Conflicts are all over the Division: in Kenya with the creation of a new conference, in DR Congo Kinshasa with the removal of the Union President, in Uganda where even Conference Presidents are being attacked by members, etc. We need prayers for ECD to get God-fearing people and stop politics.

(George Tichy) #23

Thanks for the information Macarios.
It’s sad that the “General Conference President Ted Wilson Pens Opens Letters” in cases like this. It shows either poor information or intentional protection of guilty parties. Either case shows very poor leadership skills.

(Frank Peacham) #24

I don’t understand how you can report that the church is “functional,” when leadership is in political conflict? It is like saying Israel was functional when disreputable kings ruled the country? When ambitious individuals gain power–spiritual leadership of local churches always declines. Pastors that wish reform and reformation are replaced with compliant supportive individuals. Power, honorable titles and money that top leadership offers attracts villains. The church may appear to grow in numbers, but it is more likely to be shallow.

(Steve Mga) #25

George –
It takes Spectrum members to ferret out The Truth when the Review and
Adventist World will NOT TOUCH it because it is “Too Hot” and does not
put the church in some parts of the world in a good light.

(reliquum) #26

Fits the persecutory narrative, rallies his base (who only watch/listen to the adventist pravda) because they see him “protecting” the flock from all those bad bad outsiders.

(George Tichy) #27

Well…, if some people are in jail, there must be some functionality a least while they are in jail… :wink:
Maybe this is a good thing to do, to send some leaders to jail for a few days, to have a few days of functionality. I sure have some names to suggest… :sunglasses: :innocent:

(George Tichy) #28

Steve, no wonder why some people speak so badly against Spectrum… Imagine…, the Fools ferreting out The Truth. Unconscionable!!! :roll_eyes: :innocent:

(George Tichy) #29

LOL… In Czech, as in Russian, “pravda” means TRUTH.
Well, sometimes the Adventist Pravda is actually like the Soviets’ Pravda… :open_mouth:

I wonder what is the “Kompliance Politburo” up to these days… Any update on this? Are the “komrades” actively purifying the flock, or what?..

(reliquum) #30

Truth is what mother russia says it is.
Just ask ANN, or the AR.
And for good measure, Amazing Fiction!

(Sam) #31

It seems you are having a tool to measure spiritual growth and you are fast to give labels to people you don’t know while at the same time taking for granted that whatever comes from the GC is right. Please, listen to voices from the ground. I know what I am living, Elder Wilson does not. I am an eye witness of the situation, Elder Wilson gets distorted information. This one I am sure of.

(Sam) #32

It is very strange for you, but not for us who are on the ground. Dr Diop warned the government that they had the option to use the media to ternish the image of Burundi, if the government did not grant what they wanted. This campaign started on 15 April 2019. Lies were spread all over against a paster who has served the church for about 30 years, who is Union President, but who was accused of being a rebel leader.

In Burundi, we just laugh at it once we see how low they can go.

(Carlo Schroeder) #33

I am South African, and African, and proud of that. We need to know what is really happening their, because information can get distorted. Also, we are prejudice beings, hence we can create senarios in our mind to what is truth.
I am sad that nobody is complaining about the treatment of women, especially married women, because they are being discriminated, yet there is silence. Maybe there is a lesson, “truth” only works when it is acted out in action, and if there is no action, then maybe that person is being inconsistent.

(George Tichy) #34

You are right. And it seems to me that there is another GC Fiasco on the horizon…