Ghana SDA Church Supports Law to Criminalize LGBTQ+ —And Other News Shorts

In this week’s news round-up, Ghana SDA Church supports legislation that criminalizes homosexuality, the SDA Church in Uganda is working to help the Batwa people who face widespread discrimination and other stories:

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this is a very sad, misguided development…human rights must always be respected, regardless of religious beliefs…


Will be interesting to see if the GC will disavow such actions and disassociate from the Ghana SDA church. If not…

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that’s the question worth looking at…i think the GC does have a vested interest in clarifying that this action by Ghana isn’t sanctioned by our church…

From what I have read, homosexual sex is already criminalized in Ghana. The proposed legislation goes further and criminalizes being gay and advocating for gay people. Even though the bill has not been passed, some legal professionals who have represented vulnerable groups have already been arrested. There has been a tremendous amount of violence against LGBT+ individuals in Ghana. Those pushing for the legislation are the Catholic Bishops, right-wing evangelical hate groups from the United States,…and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

I am not surprised that the GC has been silently acquiescent. I think our expectations that the GC can be a credible Christian witness in Ghana are pretty low right now.

It’s sad. And embarrassing.


And the GC would have us be united with and in solidarity with the Adventist church in Ghana on the question of women’s ordination. Sounds to me like we are poles apart.

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Poles apart…I would suggest not in the same dimension!! If the GC does not condemn, I will withdraw my membership in the SDA organization in protest!!!


I’m no fan of CNN either, but if you’re worried about impartial reporting… please avoid RT News, my friend. It’s a propaganda vehicle of the Russian state. I thought this was well known, but maybe not… I’m consistently amazed at the amount of people who are visibly and patriotically American, and yet rely on and trust explicitly anti-American sources of information. Very strange indeed.


The Epoch Times is another misinformation site. I have family members who go to it for the ‘news’ and subscribe to it. Just an Fyi…now back to the topic at hand. SDA support of criminalization of LBGTQ+ persons. Wonder when we will get a response from the GC…waiting…waiting…


It’s not something I’m proud of, but I spent about a year working in an West African sawmill, back in the 70’s.

(Yes. “Denuding the rain forest” is the current, more “woke” term.)

That said, I worked eight hours every day with some of the poorest and nicest people I’ve ever met.

However, some of them were credulous to a fault.

For example, more than one coworker informed me that another of their fellow machine operators also had the gift of teleportation.

An elderly employee asked in all seriousness, if the American astronauts had found god when they landed on the moon.

Others warned of zombies walking amongst the patrons at the village market.

The basic point being that just as the Lenape people who allegedly “sold” Manhattan for a few trinkets had no equivalent to the European concept of landownership, many of the third world country populations now being “converted” to Adventism have no idea what they bought into when they were baptized.

And just as I’m ashamed of the work I did there, it seems to me that Adventism’s ongoing missionary efforts in developing countries is an incredibly disgraceful state of affairs and even an essentially deceitful enterprise.


Most of the youth and sports missionary trips I’ve been to, with the “work” done like painting churches and building something… are all missionary tourism in retrospect.

Just taking the price of the ticket and combined stay, which was upwards to 25k for the group would probably better served giving these people the money or sending equipment they may need.

Outside of medical missions, I don’t see how these are worth it in hindsight.


I believe the Bible also regards lying lips as an abomination. How come that sin (specifically mentioned in the commandments) is not criminalized. And what about adultery - the destroyer of families and communities? As a teacher, I have a front row seat to the effects on children. How come this sin is not criminalized? I don’t get it. I really don’t. And don’t me started on women ordination. No Biblical basis for not ordaining women.


Well hey! Let’s all get on the bandwagon to legislate SIN out of existence! Rather than appeal to personal conviction of the heart, let’s elect people and force others (using civil laws made by the majority or by king/president fiat) to act the way I believe is correct! All our problems solved, and who needs Jesus anymore/ever! It’s a perfect system!

In other news: I love Take 6, especially their back-up vocals for country singers!

Thanks for the News Shorts, really appreciate them.


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