Gil Valentine on Siegfried Horn—Adventist Voices

In our third conversation on the three main figures in Gil Valentine's Ostriches and Canaries: Coping with Change in Adventism, 1966-1979, we focus on Siegfried H. Horn, influential archaeologist and scripture scholar who taught at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary from 1951–76. In this conversation, Valentine shares about how he obtained Horn's diary, the role it plays in the book, and what it reveals about the tensions between occupation preservation and commitment to truth. We also draw some conclusions about how the themes of the book intersect with today's tensions between clerical administration and academic inquiry.

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In my mind, the internment camp of civilian prisoners of war experience of Siegfried Horn, et al, and lessons learned by each individual actor bears a striking similarity to our Adventist narrative: a story of survival under pressure from within.

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