Giving Thanks

It's Thanksgiving in the United States today, my third as the Spectrum Website's managing editor, and I want to share my thanks today.

I'm grateful for all the staff members who make this website what it is through original reporting, curating the news, editing and posting timely, thoughtful articles and providing website development and maintenance. Thank you, web team members. I'm grateful for you.

I'm grateful for contributors, the columnists and guest writers whose articles and news stories make this website a reliable source for the best in Adventism. Thank you, contributors. I'm grateful for you.

I'm grateful for readers, who value being informed and connected, who share articles on social media and in print, and who hold us to high standards of honesty and openness. Thank you, readers. I'm grateful for you.

I'm grateful for those who comment, turning articles into conversations in ways both forseeable and unanticipated. You provide valuable feedback to writers and valuable community to one another. Thank you, commenters, I'm grateful for you.

I'm grateful for all Spectrum's financial supporters, from the members of the board to the organizations that have provided generous donations, from the thousands of subscribers to the journal to all who have made donations of all amounts. Your generosity sustains us. Thank you, supporters. I'm grateful for you.

Finally, I'm grateful for the Adventist Church, the faith community into which I was born, where I received my education, and which has provided lifelong friends and mentors. It has been a rough patch recently for Adventism as the church struggles to sort out what it will be. And yet that tension of a people simultaneously being and becoming is, perhaps oddly, what I appreciate most. Thank you, Adventist Church. I'm grateful for you.

I wish all of you a cheerful Thanksgiving best, with gratitude for the unique thing we have created all together.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jared Wright,
Managing Editor

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I am thankful for Spectrum. Keep up the good work. Keep us communicating, thinking, exchanging views, and looking forward to Jesus’ return.


Thank you all, out there in cyber world; and thank you Spectrum for making it possible (even though we growl at each other occasionally).


Spectrum is unequaled for news, commentary, social media presence, and a long history of reporting research and breaking news. Although some have differences with Spectrum on commenting policy and changes which seem to undermine “Community through Comment” we do appreciate a forum which allows comment–if only one.

Continued success and thanks to the donors who have kept Spectrum alive and well for about a half century.

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spectrum is definitely the best of the online sites…there’s always something interesting or controversial to read or think through…i also think spectrum has the widest variety of good commenters…a lot of comments are worth reading and thinking about…

spectrum’s coverage of the WO vote in san antonio, and its aftermath, have been especially outstanding…whatever happens between NAD and the GC in coming yrs, i hope spectrum can continue with its probative reporting…at this point, i think it’s clear that spectrum is the flagship site for thinking NAD adventists, and thinking adventists elsewhere, actually…