God, COVID-19, Fear, Death, and Nonsense

Thank you for a great analysis.

This virus is EVIL, attacking multiple body organs and leaving
victims impaired — some neurologically. Some have thought that sufferers may be more prone to Alzheimer’s in later life…

In fact it is so complex there has been speculation that it was deliberately manufactured in the WUHAN virus lab. A prominent Chinese woman virologist has come forward claiming just that

Now it has mutated to a more contagious form.

Whether man made or not, the basic building blocks are God made.

This minuscule microbe with lethal capabilities is so complex that only a master mind ( God ) could have created it.

God is the ultimate and only creator.

So we ask ourselves, why would He have created the notorious killer - the malaria parasite — so minute, yet so complex it requires both an animal and a human vector. In each vector, the life cycle is amazingly complex—- only a mastermind, not evolution, could nave designed this
complex killer parasite.

So the burning question remains : why does God create lethal viruses/ microbes / parasites which being such misery and death to multiple millions??

I suspect the issue is not that you don’t understand my point but rather that you disagree.

Further, and if I understand your comments correctly, it seems you want to believe that one human institution or another is utterly reliable and accept that its “truths” are incontrovertible.

If I’m wrong to doubt your inability to comprehend what I said previously, you’ll have to read my book for a further—but necessarily incomplete—elucidation of my views. And even then I’m not sure you’ll get me nor that anything I have to say will change your mind. (Surprisingly no publisher yet!?!? :cry:)

Until then, and regarding your quest for someone or some group who can provide you with purely objective facts and absolute knowledge, I will only say, “Good luck with that.”

The answer to this question was posted on another thread here on Spectrum.
I do not recall which topic it was addressing, but it was recent.
COVID-19 has stopped the world in its hectic race to put God out of its thinking.
His judgment has been manifest in such a way to allow humanity to take a breather.
God has given us time to reset our priority
Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be…

BTW, I never said I dismiss all data and facts, that you was your attempt to create a straw man argument to my point which you—not surprisingly—then found incomprehensible.

For an actual case in point, the statistic comparing WWII deaths to COVID deaths is meaningless as the two events are unrelated.

Further, the commenter might just as easily have compared COVID deaths to American Deaths in the Civil War but that number is greater than COVID deaths—particularly as a percentage of the population at that time—and not nearly so scary, so the later values were plucked from the talking points of professional fear mongers and used for dramatic effect.

I find such tactics unimpressive and just one more reason for trying to keep facts, statistics and fear in some sort of rational perspective.


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