God, Genocide and Hospitality

(Patrick Travis) #41

Agreed, we can all be suceptable to creating a god in our own image and imagination not described in scripture. That’s why it is so important to test our views against what is written in the whole Bible and reinforced by how all applies in NT time.
Jesus loves me this I know for the bible tells me so is adequate. That seldom answers all our questions or shows all the parameters of love. Our views often oppose His on what love is.
Regards, we can perhaps agree to disagree.

(Terrance Dunder) #42

I certainly hope not by design or choice, but it is true we live in a culture that affects us. May the love, freedom and grace of God be a clarifying ointment for our clouded eyes.

(George Tichy) #43

Who are those people that are so confused an in error?

(Terrance Dunder) #44

That is confusing i dont recall saying that precisely. Simply that i hope we don’t knowingly set out to oppose what his love is. In the end the choice will be clear for all. Our values and beliefs about what God is like will allow us to make the choice for Gods way or not. I believe at that point everyone will be clear of any religeous man made confusion and will choose what they truely want.


Terrence ,

I do not t buy your argument that Satan
“ influenced people to give attribution to God “ as having caused these genocides.

The Bible clearly states that God Himself ordained and masterminded
these genocides.
If God,was unhappy with the “ evil “ permeating these tribes, He surely nad other methods of exterminating these people.

He could have used epidemics / plagues — surely the “black death— bubonic plague — was prevalent in that era?
Also,smallpox, yellow fever, malaria, and multiple other deadly diseases could have been used to exterminate these groups, as they have done to other populations over the centuries.

Or He could have used natural disasters —-floods / fires / earthquakes.

Instead He used His chosen people to butcher them in cold blood!

God had two choices to change the wording in the Scriptures, which implicate Him in these genocides.

Firstly, when He inspired the Bible writers to incriminate Him.

Secondly, when the canon of Scripture was chosen, He could have eliminated these passages from our current Bible.

That He chose not to do so, tells me the Biblical account is accurate. .


And to think, this could have all been prevented if the Last Generation believers in perfection had gotten their act together two centuries ago. How much judgment will the thousands who died imperfect receive for these additional atrocities because they weren’t “perfect” enough?

(David) #47

Thomas Dunlay’s “Wolves for the Blue Soldiers” is a good book on the American Indian/White conflict of the 19th century.

In the final paragraph of his concluding chapter he states:

“Had the western Indians all chosen resistance, they would have saved neither their homelands nor their way of life. White conquest would have been slower, more difficult, and more expensive, but the probable result would have been true genocide.”

The differences between Spain and England (The U.S. is primarily influenced by its English roots) in the way they related to indigenous populations has been an interest of mine. It seems to me that Spain has been much more sympathetic to the interests of indigenous people than England has.

Maybe @GeorgeTichy or some other globetrotters can expand on this. Is my perception correct?

(George Tichy) #48

I think we all should start a big effort to help the LGTarians reach their goals, to make people perfect. This is the only way, according to them, for the “end” to happen.

Let’s join forces with them for it is obvious that they are missing something and are being impotent in make things happen as expected from them… :+1: :sunglasses:

(George Tichy) #49

I don’t think I have enough knowledge on this issue in order to make any significant, meaningful comment on it.

(Terrance Dunder) #50

I am surprised! I have heard many “explanations” of the OT god. I will need to wait for more light before I can accept such irreconcilable differences in the two presentations. If your summary is correct and it is all so accurate and clear, why does christ state that he shows us the father. (John 14:8-21)

(David) #51

Who destroyed the world with the flood (and saved Noah and his family)? Did Satan do that?

What about the statement by Christ who said that those who don’t want Him to rule over them will be slayed before Him?

But bring here those enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, and slay them before me.’ ” Luke 19:27

I don’t see the obvious contradictions that you see. I see you seeing what you want to see.

(Terrance Dunder) #52

I guess it is inevitable that people find what they want God to be. Might find 2 Peter 2:22 to be an interesting comment on peoples tendencies to return to bondage. Love and freedom coupled with unconditional forgiveness is the promise lost in that direction, i will hold onto the promise of acceptance. Laying the cause of the problems of this world onto my God seems to be contradictory on its face. I am sure that i cannot persuade you that easily but do hope you recognize the true God when he comes.