God Reacts: The Three Angels’ Message

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Not sure what that has to do with anything we’ve been discussing. ???

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Sirje –
2 Timothy 4:10 is the Scripture that Scottmesh gave us to consider.
Apparently, he was thinking of some OTHER verse without looking it up
FIRST. I was just writing it out for the other persons here so they wouldn’t
have to.
So far, he has not clarified the REAL TEXT he had in mind.

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No he wasn’t! Our church has made past blunders into the creed our pioneers warned us against, so we’re chained to them like Marley’s ghost… Neither Satan nor the dragon are involved in Isaiah’s taunt song addressed to the king of Babylon. The proto-SDAs’ blunders became our “pillars”. The king of Babylon claimed to be the Morning Star god, also known as the “son of the morning” god. (Isa 14:12) The planet Venus is, indeed stunningly brilliant from time to time. I don’t think anyone has ever tried to identify Satan with that planet. Neither did Isaiah, IMHO. :roll_eyes:

Isaiah’s nyaa-nyaa song said the one incorrectly translated as Lucifer was a man who ws about to die and would be barred from hell by other dead kings. Thank heaven our pioneers didn’t make doctrine out of that. We base way too much on what Isaiah wrote as humorous fiction.

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