God Speaks Through Prophets

This week's commentary is taken from Chapter 2 of the late Herb Douglass' book Messenger of the Lord: The Prophetic Ministry of Ellen G. White.

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The assumption here seems to be that every word in Scripture has come via a prophet under the special process of inspiration. Letting the Bible speak for itself does not support that assumption.


This is an informative article which outlines the ab initio relationships between newly created Homo sapiens and his creators.There is some tension, however, between the original text in Genesis and the output of the King James Version. The whole KJV project was headed by Dr Bancroft reporting to the king but ten doctors called the First Westminster Company were assigned the duty of translating the historical books from Genesis to second Kings. To what extent their knowledge(all were very highly rated scholars, the best to be found in England at the time)counteracted their beliefs is a time-worn subject. For example In the KJV confusion reigns as to what is meant in several cases.They substituted the English singular term GOD for the Hebrew plural ELOHIM and then reverted to the plural reference in Genesis 1:26. Also we are definitely (in both versions)told that that GOD/ THE ELOHIM were human and made us like themselves. This is very encouraging since it means that we can one day be like the MIGHTY ELOHIM if we do not foolishly destroy ourselves. The Elohim passed the stage we are now going through and survived to now be experiencing the unimagined paradise of heaven. WE, however, are definitely “under the gun” as it were since A.H. (after Hiroshima, the year 1945) and it is being rumored that the last prophet was born in 1946 was given several messages, has written several books, and was taken to heaven for a day where he lived in the section reserved for earth prophets . This section was specially built for humans since the heavenly atmosphere is not completely suitable for earth humans. So goes the tale. Earth humans wdere not built gto be pets and mollycoddled. They were made to WORK for the Elohim. Their physiology was imperfect since they were a mix of the Elohim and an animal existing on earth(MAYBE Homo erectus) They were barren therefore and it was through the expertise of the “SNAKE” the eloha geneticist That their chromosomes were harmonized and EVE the female could become fecund in the Adam’s rib operation. Thereafter Yahweh granted us freedom by expelling us from the Garden of Eden and allowing us to fend for ourselves and eventually populate the world. In effect it is due to the mercy and graciousness of the mighty Elohim that we humble creatures were literally given planet earth. Our prophets’ messages must therefore be read in context.

this is an apology for Elllen White. tZ


The author claims that God bridged the gap of sin by sending Prophets to speak for Him.

Does the prophetic role confer individual immunity from mistakes, misunderstandings, cultural influences, personal preferences or family loyalties? I don’t think so. Because I do not believe, that God is expecting a perfect human channel. Taking a clue from Mosaic Laws that permitted slavery, right and wrong are often mixed within the prophetic word.

It is a fact; humanity was created with some inherent weaknesses. Eve was easily deceived and Adam was quickly influenced, probably in less than half hour Eden collapsed. Humanity has a strong built-in predisposition to believe whatever. Suicide bombers or medieval priest that sought a life of denial, are just two of the hundreds of ways human spiritual feelings/decisions are misguided. (Does sincerity and prayer keep us from mistakes?)

I look forward to the time when the EGW estates can affirm that she was a good person, unlike the deeply flawed Joseph Smith or Mother Anna Lee. They should admit it, her writing did not always reflect God’s perfect will, as in her condemnation of Checkers and mustard, Coffee and Tea.

Heaven-to-human communication Is wonderful to experience, but not absolute (I wish it were).


In the opening of this passage from Dr. Douglass’s book, he quotes from Hebrews 1:1, stopping short of the rest of the passage, which in all fairness, he does quote in full later, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son. However, coupling Hebrews 1:1 with Numbers 12:6, he set up a relationship between the two passages that actually reverses and destroys the message of Hebrews 1. He has cut and pasted a message that was never intended.

The entire book of Hebrews sets out the various ways JESUS IS SUPERIOR to the Hebrew religious constructs - the world of angels - the priesthood - the Sabbath - and prophets. Heb. 1:1 clearly says God used to communicate through special people - prophets, but now, in these days, God has communicated through His Son. Once the Son has spoken through word and deed, there is no more need for human intercessors.

There is a place for “prophets” in the NT. Paul speaks of prophesying in the NT church; however, this is not in the same vein. Prophesy in the NT is defined as “removing the cover” according to Strong. Prophets explain, they do not speak for God. What more could any human have to add to the life and death of Jesus? If that doesn’t speak volumes to us, no prophet is going to convince of anything.


It never ceases to amaze how Adventism can put together verses (or even partial verses) in all kinds of unorthodox ways. It is breath taking.

The other thing that was left out, which is certainly related here (although I understand why it would be left out), is EGW’s quote where she replaces Jesus in Hebrews 1 with the Testimonies. “In ancient times God spoke through the mouths of apostles and prophets. In these days, he speaks to them by the Testimonies of his Spirit.”

No, he doesn’t speak through the Testimonies. God speaks to us through His Son and through the Holy Spirit.


I’m not sure what you mean. Could you please elaborate a bit more.

This segment is very relevant for those who are decreasing sin in their relationship with Jesus

I am not sure I can respond given the limitations on the website. Once they open the “lounge” for this post, I can and will. Sorry.

I notice in your post [1 John 2:16] something that you may have not noticed.
It is EGO which wants us to want things, positions, activities.
Paul calls EGO “the Flesh”.
1 John 2:16 is saying the same thing as Paul does with the word “The Flesh”.
The Spirit in Paul’s view takes over the EGO and changes its direction.
The Spirit in Paul’s view takes the EGO and changes it to the Mind Of Christ.

Even in Church we see a lot of EGO manifested in persons who have a church job in the local church.
We can see a lot of EGO in many Seventh day Adventist pastors, Teachers, other Administrators. The EGO makes it EASY to tell us that LUST of…[whatever]… is good, is right, is acceptable. And it is EASY to act accordingly.
Feed the EGO!

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