God's Character and the Last Generation: An Interview with Dr. Jiří Moskala

An update on the book:

Just finished the first chapter. A must read. Just this chapter is more than enough for one to understand the absurdity of this heresy, the LGT.

Our good friend Kevin @kevindpaulson must be very proud since his name appears as one of the three most prominent contemporary writers on LGT.
WOW!!! Kevin must he really happy; he made it! (Whatever “it” may mean in this case)

But, fortunately this book appears to be a deadly (and necessary) bullet to the LGT heresy, again.

Also,I hope Tony @historic reads this book carefully. He is fresh from AU, so he may know most if not all writers who participated in this book.

It’s actually mind boggling that students who just finished undergraduate work at AU can be so easily contaminated by the LGT heresy. How can that happen? Are they not being properly equipped intellectually before leaving school? How can they protect their congregations against the LGT heresy and other perilous ideas?
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Is Tony @historic still around? I’m still waiting for his crash course on LGT.


I hope he is well. He was so ready to deliver his crash course…
But I am concerned, because his disappearance was so sudden. Honestly hope he is doing well, whatever may be happening in his life.


On his profile page, looks like he was “seen” 11hours ago. Soooo, seems to still be here, sort of.


Elmer, it seems that the source you are waiting for is no longer willing to share “the course”. But don’t despair, go on Amazon and get this book. Long term SDAs may not find too many new things in the book, but it’s well written and resourceful. LGT is dealt with vigorously especially in the chapter written by Dr. Jiří Moskala. He just tells what LGT is, period. Nothing different from what I have been telling here on Spectrum, but he offers a longer, more comprehensive version of it. It seems that the Czechs are a real threat to Kevin’s @kevindpaulson little toy. Ah…, those pesky Czechs…, they are so difficult to fool…

Yes, exactly what I have been saying for years, LGT is nothing but an heresy and is NOT what the official SDA teachings are/have been. Now confirmed for a very official source of the Church. Though I am sure that Kevin will immediately try to discredit Dr. Moskala. Well, if that happens, everyone will be able to see how far the LGTarians are willing to go…

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Tony @historic, I want a refund on my tuition fees. :laughing:

Hey, call Michael Avenatti! He may get you something from the Trump University! :rofl:

OR, email Trump directly: Дональд_Трамп@PutineskeKremlin.gov
(This is a back channel controlled by Jared Kushner…)


The more I read this book the more sorry I am about the LGTarians.

I bet they will very soon start throwing darts at this book, because it will be a matter of survival. The book is actually fatal to the LGT (perfectionism) heresy.

Dr. Moskala had no mercy on the heresy. I am almost sure that Kevin @kevindpaulson will soon come here in the hope that he can discredit the whole book. But only response, in advance, is, “Let people interested in the issue read the book by themselves and come up with their own verdict about LGT.”

This book, in my opinion, is the “last LGTarian meal.” :wink:
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$9.99 - Kindle edition. Get it right now and start reading!

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