Good People Made Evil

Great, Simon. Brilliant.

I personally doubt that people deliberately choose to be evil. Most social prejudices are absorbed from our environments and come in the same manner as social customs of a community. Not until an accepted evil is brought to front and centre of consciousness do we actually see it for what it is. Even then, the environment we have grown up in will have a strong pull on our attitudes. This is how we get Christians who think of their wives and children as property; Christins who shun those who look or behave differently from their norm - and so on.

One man’s idea of a patriot is another man’s terrorist. Words, labels and names have meaning only in the environment of a given group. Words like good, bad, evil, pretty, ugly are all evaluations based on an accepted norm. Change the norm, and you change what looks good or evil. This is context, and context is everything.


Bryan –
An expanded view of Slavery. Has a lot of merit to it. Thanks.

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Is this meant to be read ironically?


Before entering psychiatry and being cuddled in a cocoon of SDA culture it was easy to believe in the 1844 Investigative Judgement. After a generation of psychiatric practice and understanding the intricacies of how behaviors are formed and developed, I’m beginning to believe that everyone, bar none, would be saved and end up in heaven.


I am not aware of any “blanket statements” made by our good friend @gideonjrn

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A simple URL address link would do. Afterwards, we can evaluate and assess the study.

I fell for it!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Ignorance is bliss…:laughing:

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I’m so ignorant I didn’t even realize there was something to fall for. :roll_eyes::crazy_face:


You are especially blessed then…:innocent::laughing:


Challenge answered: in Weiser, Idaho 50% of St Lukes Episcopal Church members read the entire Bible together over the course of 52 weeks. I know this because I am an Elder and led the reading and discussion. Okay the church is small (about 14 regular attendees) but 50% is a great percentage! Don’t know about the SDA’s; they haven’t asked for this. They do spend time studying and memorizing adjunct material…


Carolyn –
As you mentioned, even in the Sunday service there are 4
Scripture readings. From Old Testament, Psalms [we sing the
Psalm for the week at St. Francis, Macon] New Testament,
Gospel. Matthew, Mark, Luke are on a 3 year cycle, and John
is read all 3. This year is Luke.
Then there is Lent, Holy Week with our bells [noisemakers]
on Saturday night, and other special events of the seasons.
Christmas we do the “hanging of the greens”. Halloween we
act out Saul and the woman of Endor.
Pentecost, while my Jewish friends celebrate the Giving of the
Law at Mt. Sinai, we celebrate the Birthday of the Christian Church.
All are encouraged to wear red, yellow, or orange clothing. We have
red balloons around. Red streamers from the ceiling fans on low.
A variety of topics in “Sunday School classes”.
TOO MUCH FUN!! Too Much Learning!!
I also enjoy “The Prayers of the People” instead of the “Pastoral Prayer”
others have.
I can repeat my Baptismal Vows each week [Nicene Creed] and renew my
baptism with water to my forehead. Take Communion each week as to
once every 13 weeks.
I am one of 2 Eucharist Ministers at my apartment building with Bible Study
and communion every Monday at 3PM.
I miss all this at my SDA church on Sabbaths.

St Francis has an AA group meet on Mon, Wed, Fri PMs. We began an art
center in part of our plant with local artists/crafts persons.
During Lent we alternate with a small Catholic church on Tuesday PM with
a meal and meditation ‘sermon’. [the catholic priest is Franciscan].
We collaborate with another church to help provide Sat and Sun noon meal
for homeless. They have a nice kitchen fellowship hall in town. There are
about 6 local churches involved with this activity 52 weeks a year.

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I told you several times to be careful and very attentive when any Psychologist is around. Some of them can play really good tricks on you… :rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl:
That link was created very carefully… :laughing:

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Oh, no…you and Carolyn @c_j_wesn are blowing up gideonjr.'s @gideonjrn theory! :tired_face:


Discrimination has dogged Christians for as long as we have existed. Christ (by virtue of His very nature) had to discriminate to simply carry out His father’s will.

The difference I see in Christ and us/me is that the basis of His discrimination was not fear, but love. He set out to showcase righteousness as an alternative to sin. Not segregation as a symptom of fear.

I pause to consider the notion that He actually did create us in His own image. We are either gay or straight. Which represents His image most? One, the other, both or neither? Maybe sin has distorted God’s image in all His creation such that any of us little represents what He originally had intended and designed.

As His love and grace covers a multitude of sins and distortions common to all (gay or straight), all who choose Him are granted access to salvation. And it is not our fear and discrimination but it is His love and grace that regenerates in us all the image He maintains and intended.

I implore each (gay or straight, black or white, man or woman, SDA or otherwise) to seek His love, His grace, and His image in our hearts and lives. For someday, by grace and surrender we will truly be like Jesus.


The sparing back and forth over what percentage that have read the bible in and of itself is disturbing. I have a much greater problems with how most SDA’s “use” the bible to “prove” we’re right about this or that. I doubt there will be many souls in heaven because we “proved” anything. I hate the very term “proof texts”. It is like this is some kind of contest. Hearts are won because the Holy Spirit moves in a receptive one, not because you have made some point.

Yes, I have read the entire bible several times…but that doesn’t make me any closer to sainthood.

What you should be concerned about even more is the fact that there are thousands of contradictions in the bible. Most of them are inconsequential, but some of them disturbing. Just ask yourself why there is estimated to be almost 10,000 different Christian denominations, and they all derive their belief structure from the same bible. If everything is so patently black and white that you can use scripture to judge someone by, why are there so many varied in their beliefs?

And don’t come back and ask about how I know there are almost 10,000 Christian denominations. I am 100% sure I read it several years ago, but I will not play your silly games with this. Suffice to say, there are well over 1,000. That I know for sure, and that is more than enough to satisfy the point I am making.

I asked for “proof” because the person makes claims that they cannot prove as “facts” for years now. This can be part and parcel of sometimes participating on this site and no one is forced to comment here EVER . :wink: I don’t disagree with the rest of what you have said.

Glad that reading the entire Bible has not conferred “sainthood” yet. lol

Personally, I am not disturbed over any “contradictions” in the Bible though I am sure that they may exist. As to the matter of the number of denominations…those are man-made and most of them feel/think that they are “correct” (including SDAs). I, personally, don’t make claims about most things being “black and white” -that would be some other commenters here. :slight_smile:

Lynden, you and I agree more than we disagree…but it is good that you feel you have satisfied the point you were making.

If you are interested in some research on the denominations in the US, etc., here’s some info: :


A great number of denominations exist more as a business than as a Church. I believe that a single congregation of a couple of hundred “faithful” can make a good salary for a pastor and a secretary. Oh, the pianist as well. Security jobs.

We should have started one many years ago. Is it too late now?.. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

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No…if the Scientologists can do it…so can we! :wink: :rofl:

You know it, I always dreamed with founding a Church and register it as

(Saints please procede to the next Church down the street…)

Just not having to deal with “saints and demi-gods” would be the perfect job… LOL
Though, I would hire Clifford Goldstein @cliff to prepare some inspirational literature for our members, like book reviews, of books he never read. He does it for the SDAC, why not to expand the “faketicious” business?.. I am sure @bness would be delighted to partner with Cliff on this work… :rofl: