Gossip Juice and the Meanings of Meetings: Annual Council & NAD — Adventist Voices

Alisa Williams, managing editor for the Spectrum website, reviews the North American Division Year-end Meetings. We also discuss her thoughts on the recent Annual Council drama and how that will impact the upcoming 2020 General Conference Session. Finally, there’s #GossipJuice talk.

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Why do you feel discouraged with GC ?
Based on what ?
And why is NAD uplifting ?

A child can be discouraged if the parents don’t allow the child to have a video game
Discouraging ?

like to add being in the world and seeing how it is coffee is no different to cocaine or heroine
and yes I have helped my Adventist brother that was on heroine
so why don’t we let youth shoot up and do a few lines of cocaine at youth meetings

WOW, this is interesting. A revolutionary concept on coffee.
Can you share your source on this information? It must be a very serious study conducted scientifically. I want to learn more. Please.


George wants a debate
I know gym trainers people on cocktails of sudafed to caffeine and all the above related steroids and Gh and drugs and baristas and roasters that sell it and won’t touch it and I cycle and now pro tour teams some off the best athletes won’t use it tho drinking coffee was a huge part of cycling culture .
It may get a bit technical for you . Blood and vo2 max efforts and dehydration and weight loss and water retention

Oh and george its the most sprayed fruit with pesticide product on the planet
And yes I know contractor crop dusters pilots on the big money.
Some small roasters I know they find it hard to get good organic fruit and its become so lucrative that some have purchased farms to secure the product and then have quality control but then there is the risk of drought and plant diseases and asset liability

Its a stimulant george just face it

Debate? I asked a simple question. Don’t want to answer? Feel free not to, I don’t care.

Oh, certainly, this for sure!!!


There micro dosing 25mg per gel and that’s only once during a 200km stage and the trends now is more riders drink less coffee

C. W. Post has been accused of stealing several of Kellogg’s recipes, including Kellogg’s Caramel Coffee. He invented the idea of coffee nerves. E.G. White eagerly bought the idea. (Not literally, unfortunately. Post’s net worth at his death was $33 million, whereas EGW’s estate was handled by a bankruptcy trustee.)

As I recall, FDA lists coffee as a health food!


Is marijuana FDA approved and now sold over the counter
:mushroom: not all mushrooms are good for you

Not sure where Simon is getting his ‘evidence’
On the other hand…
The umbrella review identified 201 meta-analyses of observational research with 67 unique health outcomes and 17 meta-analyses of interventional research with nine unique outcomes. Coffee consumption was more often associated with benefit than harm for a range of health outcomes across exposures including high versus low, any versus none, and one extra cup a day. There was evidence of a non-linear association between consumption and some outcomes, with summary estimates indicating largest relative risk reduction at intakes of three to four cups a day versus none, including all cause mortality (relative risk 0.83, 95% confidence interval 0.83 to 0.88), cardiovascular mortality (0.81, 0.72 to 0.90), and cardiovascular disease (0.85, 0.80 to 0.90). High versus low consumption was associated with an 18% lower risk of incident cancer (0.82, 0.74 to 0.89).
(Just for starters) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5696634/


Healthy outcomes ?
What’s a healthy outcome in that data

“Seeing how it is coffee is no different to cocaine or heroine”

Im sorry about your friend, drug addiction destroys lives. But your assertion that coffee is no different to cocaine or heroin is way off.

Coffee is not caffeine… there is some caffeine in coffee but as the research shows, coffee benefits outweigh risks for the majority of people who drink it.


Look I don’t care if members drink coffee or take cocaine its there body

Tho people without our EGW health message get it and we lough it off and mock it
is that a NAD thing ?

So…Simon, you start with these questions:

"Why do you feel discouraged with GC ?
Based on what ?
And why is NAD uplifting ?"

And then end up talking about “stimulants”???

Nonetheless…I do have a question for you. Haven’t you been reading the various articles on this site about your first questions? If not, why not? If you don’t agree with our opinions- just say so. But nothing new there at all.

And then you accuse George of wanting to start a “debate”. :laughing:


Do you think that GC - NAD is a parent / child relationship? Do you understand why such position would be problematic.


Yes, we should all dive in for an advice on this subject from extreme insurance athletes… the guys who tend to confuse health with extreme performance.

I’m pretty certain that a cup of coffee a day over 5 years will do much less damage to my body and heart than competing at pro cycling level for the same period of time.

Caffeine is the least of your problems.


I have occasionally read some stats and research that show some benefits of coffee, but in moderation or low consumption. I am not an avid coffee drinker; I may have one cup in the morning, made of almond milk and a little instant coffee (preferably “Taster’s Choice”). Splenda as sweetener. I also like Roma a lot.

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talk about a “tempest in a tea pot” or is it a “coffee pot”! look at all those ‘healthy’ adventists (and others) that line up week after week at the carb infused potlucks…i would challenge anyone who knows someone on heroin to wean them off of the stuff in 2 days…about the time it takes to eliminate the ‘need’ for caffeine…


I vividly remember American potlucks with sugar coatings / icings on cake thicker than my thumb…

Having said that … even though “coffee” appears to have been a major theme at Annual Council, I haven’t heard any reporting about it… I wonder why …