Grace’s Story: for Jimmie Lee Jackson


February 26, 1965:


When Jesus caught up with Grace 

She was sitting on the steps of the

shack-house — Broomstick resting on her lap

A bleeding cross around her neck

Her blood shot eyes were traveling up

Heaven met her half-way

She whispers — Jesus


Did you know Jimmie Lee Jackson?

Your deacon at the St.  James Baptist Church

Cager’s grandson, Viola’s boy

Was shot down right there in

Mack’s Cafe

Old Fowler stole the boy’s life

I’m marching in honor of

Jimmie Lee Jackson

Need to hug him healed in my head


When Jesus met Grace

She was leaning on the broom

Cross hanging from her neck — dripping blood

She’s walking to Selma on to Montgomery

For Jimmie Lee Jackson

Like Jesus walked on water


Dr. Ramona L. Hyman is a writer, speaker, and professor “whose words are powerful memories for us to walk in the 21st century,” says Sonia Sanchez. Presently, Hyman serves as Chair and Professor of the Department of English and Foreign Languages at Oakwood University. Dr. Hyman is a graduate of Temple University (BA), Andrews University (MA), and earned her PhD from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. She is the author of I Am Black America. Of her literary work, African American critic Dr. Joyce Joyce says, “Hyman challenges audiences to explore a poetic imagination grounded in a feel for the southern landscape, African-American literary and political history, Black spirituality, and a creative fusion of Black folk speech with a Euro-American poetic vernacular. Dr. Ramona L. Hyman emerges as a strong Black intellectual poetic voice.”

Photo by Tess on Unsplash


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I love the metaphor of ‘like Jesus walked on water.’ It made me think about all the things a person can do which are very hard but positively miraculous in light of eternity. It is possible that these small or large bits of our lives are like walking on water. Thank you for this post!

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