Greg Hoenes on “The Challenge of Adventist Whiteness”

Join the Los Angeles Forum this Sabbath afternoon, September 24, at 3:00 p.m. (PDT) when Greg Hoenes, PhD, offers “The Challenge of Adventist Whiteness” in a hybrid Zoom/live session. Hoenes is a 2021 Claremont School of Theology graduate, the West Region Director for the Southern California Conference, and a pastor of more than 30 years.

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i think this is a phenomenon that’s happening pretty much all over…i know in my church, here in Calgary, there was a time, around 30 yrs ago, when i was one of the very few non-Whites attending…at that time we had a regular attending congregation of around 800…now we’ve renovated, and time has gone by…we’ve had influxes from Africa, S. America, the Philippines, etc…my guess is that our current attending congregation, of around 1,200, is probably less than 60% White…

churches i’ve visited from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles, lately, are essentially all non-White…my brother attended a Black church in Edmonton for yrs…his view is that church, as a gathering place, is much more important to non-White cultures than to Whites…Black churches, particularly, where Sabbaths are often all-day church events, seem to play a social function that isn’t a feature of White churches, where they still exist…church members, literally, are often an extension of family…


Can you explain this please

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