GYC Annual Meeting Offers End-Time Inspiration and Outreach Opportunities

George. there is always charge that the Jesuits have infiltrated Adventism if so the place to find it is in the fusion of Justification And Sanctification as in the Council of Trent. Kevin is a classis example.

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The 1664 participants were the ones that went out on outreach. There were more people in attendance.

Fact check: Kevin Paulson has never been on GYC leadership to my knowledge, nor has he ever been invited as a speaker at GYC. That said, he’s a genuinely well-meaning, friendly guy and I’ve had some good conversations with him in person even though we obviously disagree theologically in several areas. I would never assume that his advocacy for LGT deviates from a sincerity of belief in its tenets even in my disagreement with him.

The suggestion that Thomas Zwemer makes that he is a Jesuit would carry no weight in my estimation, but that probably makes me a Jesuit too then… even though I disagree with KP. So how does that work? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Unfortunately for some reason (the @webed may know?) I cannot trigger Kevin’s @… ID here. I would love to involve him in this conversation, but I don’t know how to reach him other that via our @… way.

Thanks for the fact check. It only increases the necessity of checking everything that Kevin says. Everything.

Regarding “sincerity of belief,” isn’t it something that Adventists accuse so adamantly other religions of doing? But, anyway, LGT is not about “sincerity of belief,” it is about teaching a heresy that was repudiated several times by our own Church in the past. Not even Kevin’s “sincerity of beliefs” will make it suddenly a non-heresy. And it is penetrating out ranks only because we have a GC President who himself already fell for it.

@tjzwemer’s suggestion that Kevin may be a Jesuit is not accurate. I don’t see Kevin’s name on the list that Pope Francis provided me with the names of our Jesuit group who, in a very disguised manner, participate here on Spectrum. Maybe he is an agent of the “other Pope,” the one who quit, who knows? :roll_eyes: :upside_down_face: :laughing:


Any tentative number of how many of those?

Over 4000 on Sabbath.

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@GeorgeTichy, Kevin is permanently banned from commenting, so that is probably why it’s not letting you tag him.



Oh my, I thought about this possibility, that he joined the “millennials” club but I could not actually think that it happened to him.
Maybe all those “millennials” should after all be allowed into the LOUNGE. That would be an interesting dynamic… :thinking:
Well, … there is always a second millennium after the first anyway… :roll_eyes: :innocent:

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Thanks, Seth. Found an updated answer at the GYC Blog:

At the cusp of the new year 3,144 young Seventh-day Adventists gathered for GYC 2018. Under the banner “To The End”, like-minded individuals from a diverse collective of countries, colleges, and upbringings met to share ideas, cultivate networks, and take Christ’s Great Commission to their world. “Jesus had a vision that every young person become a spirit-filled missionary to the end,” stated Gary Blanchard at the conference’s beginning.

Really? Reads like salvation by works to me.

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Well, let the kids do some good things to others. It won’t hurt anything. They have no clue about the salvation thing yet… :wink:

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Hmmmm. Seems a little uptight to me. Specific comments:

  1. A respect for Scripture as the foundation and test of all teachings and practices

But so many of our practices are not based on the bible. They might not conflict with the bible they are also not there - even at a basic level. For example there is no directive to go to church on the day of rest. The day of rest is for rest.

  1. A quest for Biblical holiness through a daily prayer and devotional experience with Jesus and a commitment to following His Word

I don’t know what “Biblical holiness” means, but it sounds a lot like salvation by works to me.

  1. A passion for lost souls animated by personal experience in the saving love of Jesus and a desire for His imminent return

A what? A passion for lost souls? I think the church’s teachings on this are clear - that there is no soul. It came up here the other day.
Anyway,how does this work? Does one somehow notice a lost soul walking by and then get all passionate? Start dancing ecstatically?
And I haven’t met an Adventist who really, really wants Jesus to return imminently. People mostly want to live their lives.

  1. A cultivation of godly relationships preserving purity and encouraging accountability

I’ve been an Adventist all my life, but I have no idea what a godly relationship is. And as compared to what? Preserving purity is also undefined but sounds a whole like like salvation by works.

  1. An exemplary and abundant lifestyle in recreation, entertainment, dress, and healthful living

I don’t understand. Exemplary for whom? Your friends? Children? Your senator? What is meant by an abundant lifestyle? When the items recreation, entertainment, dress, and healthful living are mentioned, this sets off the salvation by works warning siren for me.

  1. A commitment to the Seventh-day Adventist Church as God’s remnant church by supporting and upholding its principles, organization, and leadership

Line up here for the Kool Aid… You want your followers to have a commitment to the corporate church? Why? This is an example of something you can’t find in the bible and there is no reason to call for it.

  1. An attitude of humility and cordiality as we seek to clarify, articulate, and defend the Biblical teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist church

How about the other teachings? In any case, what’s with the idea of defending the teachings of the corporate church? I can’t think of any situation I’d ever be in where I’d do that.


And I don’t think they ever will if they focus on the posted list.

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That’s what I thought too. It’s basically following EGW’s instructions. Do, do, do…don’t, don’t, don’t.


The article reflected a very positive sense of mission to the world on the part of the GYC. I have never been to GYC, but I have talked with a lot of people who have been to it, and the response has been 100% positive. Our young people are growing spiritually by attending and are becoming a blessing to the world. That should cause us to rejoice rather than to snipe at them. I know this is Spectrum, and a certain level of sniping is to be expected, but to see the extent of it after such a fine article is overwhelming. I find the contrast between the article and the posts, with few exceptions, to be inexplicable. I can’t imagine Jesus having such a reaction. It doesn’t seem to reflect the spirit of those who are experiencing salvation. The work of the Holy Spirit is to bring people together, to love one another, not to snipe at one another. I would hope that we would be more supportive of young people who are seriously seeking to fulfill the ministry of Jesus to our world and to listen to and obey His word. I know Moise and Eric personally, and they are fine, committed young people, ready to give their lives in service to their Lord. Let’s support their efforts.


A kinder view might be that they are spiritual practices to help one grow in grace, rather than requirements for salvation. Now granted they are not what I have used on my spiritual journey, but I can see how some might use them as such. Of course that would only be true after accepting God’s grace. Though it probably wouldn’t be too far down the path of grace before some of these stop being useful. Baby steps…


I think the problem, and the view of many here, is that we’ve seen where this path leads. Experience and history has shown us this, and it can be a destructive and soul searing experience.


Thank you Tim for dissecting that list od “commitments” listed by the GYC.
Good job.

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