GYC Annual Meeting Offers End-Time Inspiration and Outreach Opportunities

(Kevin Seidel) #41

Yes, it is important to know when to let go things that no longer help. Most of these items seem a little to blindly supportive of the institutional church for me. I know what works for me often doesn’t for other people, so maybe some people will find them helpful.

(George Tichy) #42

I certainly see the point of having a mission statement. I have no problem with it since those are articles of encouragement toward a Christian behavior. They are not theological statements.

I have, though, a concern with the doctrinal substance that is served to that young crowd. I am concerned with possibility that there may be an undisclosed plan for indoctrination with some unacceptable doctrinal points. LGT being my main fear, because it would be very sad to end up having a crowd of 4,000 kids being intentionally mislead into a heresy.

The following statement is extremely suspicious,

I wonder if this is a disguise for the LGT, which is a disguise for the perfectionism heresy!

A bigger problem is that a LGTarian made it to the GC Presidency. This is the worst nightmare that could ever threat our Church.
“Houston, we have a problem!” :open_mouth:

(George Tichy) #43

Just think for a moment that the crowd of 4,000+ is being indoctrinated with LGT. Then they will try to apply the LGT to their lives in the years to come, looking for that promised perfection.

Then, because of obvious failure, they start becoming frustrated, and even realize that they have been intentionally deceived. What will they do? What would be the obvious action in such a situation? Yes, they may, justifiably, just disband!

(Tim Teichman) #44

I’m sorry you think I’m being petty. I re-read the post and softened it a little, but it’s basically the same. I don’t see any of my remarks as petty. That is not my intent. I’m very serious.

Maybe unavoidable, but not acceptable. On the contrary, it’s usually a new person here who makes petty or otherwise shallow or offensive comments who is scolded or banned. Petty complaints don’t get much heed.

I don’t know what I think Jesus would do. Probably something wiser than I can come up with. Also don’t think I can know the true nature of the Spirit or Her :thinking: realm of activities.

I recognize your other points. I don’t agree with them, but I understand where you’re coming from.

(Phillip Brantley) #45

Having glanced at the GYC website, I am impressed that the leaders are young people. The Seventh-day Adventist Church needs more young leaders. If you are over forty years of age and hold church office, you need to get out of the way and let a young person serve. And you can still help. The Southern Baptist Convention has recognized the wisdom of young leadership and recently elected a young person as president. GYC can help us realize that there is a significant difference between an old burnout staring at death and a young person who has high expectations for how things are supposed to be.

I like the social justice sensitivity in what I read on the website about the imperative of meeting the economic and spiritual needs of immigrants and refugees.

This summer GYC is doing a mission trip to Iceland. I think attendees can be fairly characterized as winners, not losers. Think of the life-altering experience such a trip would be for many of our young Seventh-day Adventists who are stuck in an adolescent rut.

Because I have no inside information about GYC, I would be interested in hearing from Tara Vang, GYC vice president for evangelism, about the breadth of GYC’s appeal, particularly to young Seventh-day Adventists on the West Coast, as she is also GLOW Project Manager for Pacific Union Conference.

(Tim Teichman) #46

Well that could be, but they are not stated as such (or are they and I missed it?)

It’s something about this I just don’t like. I don’t know why. Maybe I see my own prior naïvety as a young person being pressed with similar goals. I didn’t feel comfortable with them then either.

(Tim Teichman) #47

Yes! Exactly. This is kind of way I’m uncomfortable with that list. It’s reminiscent of my upbringing in the church when I was told - into adulthood - to focus on these sorts of things. On being right, special, pure, good, and similar kinds of things - things that I questioned a little then and completely reject now. I reject them as being both harmful and also not theologically correct our even in bounds.

(George Tichy) #48

I can relate to those feelings. I experienced them in 1979 when I learned that all that talk/teaching about 1844/IJ was actually nothing but “fake theories.”

I had been very strongly indoctrinated with those fairy tales, and it was a very frustrating and traumatic experience to learn that they were not Biblicaly based, that they actually contradicted the true Biblical teaching on the issue found in Hebrews.

Anyone who falls for the LGT heresy, and becomes its victim, is set up for a “big disappointment,” sooner or later. That’s when most will end up just leaving the Church.

(Catherine Titus) #49

Please translate the term LGT. Is it a condensed version of LBGTQ?? I can’t understand what all the fuss is about.


LGT as used here stands for Last Generation Theology, the belief that there must be a last generation that has attained Christian perfection before the Second Coming can occur. (That definition is my own understanding of it, though others probably would state it differently.)

(George Tichy) #51

You provided an accurate explanation of what LGT is.

While it was called merely “perfectionism,” this heresy didn’t make it into the Church. Several people advocated in in the past, but every GC President rejected and repudiated it. Then, the enemy was able to have it renamed with a fancy name that would probably impress people, and it’s called LGT.

In his sermon on Saturday morning at the AC-18, Ted Wilson clearly stated that he believes in, professes this heresy; yes, he is a LGTarian! This is why some people who have satellite ministries, and teach LGT, are being so influential in the Church - connections with the President.

We had several LGTarians visiting here, but several of us have developed the ability to detect their presence by the subtle way they start their intrusive “ministry,” and we catch them quickly. Most have been banned after a while, because after being identified, they become belligerent and quickly start making ad hominem comments, personal attacks. Their “perfections” just shines… And Spectrum ends up banning them literally for 1,000 years, for persistent violation of posting rules. I call them “millennials” … :wink:


@GeorgeTichy Question- does LGT go beyond perfectionism? Specifically, was perfectionism seen as a Christian’s duty, whereas LGT added that an entire generation had to be perfect in order for Christ to return? Or is LGT just an updated label for the same idea?

(George Tichy) #53

Based on what many LGTarians have stated here, they believe that Christ cannot return until there is a whole generation of SDAs that reached perfection (sinlessness). The most vibrant advocate here has been Kevin Paulson who for several years kept coming back giving us a hard time with his (perfect…) spiritual arrogance. I just learned yesterday that he, too, was promoted to be part of the “millennials” group… :wink:

I really don’t understand how people can fall for what is clearly a heresy.


I do like your use of the term “millennials” :laughing:. It’s a mystery to me how seemingly intelligent people can buy into the LGT notion. Their sinful hubris in believing that they hold the power to control elements of eschatological events is ironic at best.

(George Tichy) #55

My challenge to those people usually starts with a “vote of confidence”… Confidence that they will be able to introduce us one, at least one person in their crowd who is willing to state that s/he already reached the LGT’s goal, perfection. They have not been happy with my “vote of confidence”… :wink:

(Website Editor) #56

@GeorgeTichy, were you able to change your settings based on @KevinSeidel’s instructions, or did you still need assistance?


(George Tichy) #57

Yes, it’s fixed now. Thanks to @KevinSeidel’s help I have been inundated with emails again… LOL

(Seth Shaffer) #58

Jackson was not present.

(George Tichy) #59

Seth, I have a question about this statement,

I wonder if the GYC promotes the equal opportunity ideology regarding males and females being allowed the same rights in Church’s affairs?

(Tim Teichman) #60

No, not related to the LBGTQ… movement.

It stands for Last Generation Theology. We know it exists, because it’s on Wikipedia :innocent:

The page does include this statement (is it accurate? I don’t know):

Institutions which hold to mainstream Adventist beliefs, but advocate Last Generation Theology in their programing include Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC),[90] Iona Missions, 3ABN, Amazing Discoveries, Secrets Unsealed, White Horse Media, The Voice of Prophecy, Amazing Facts.[89] [91]