GYC Annual Meeting Offers End-Time Inspiration and Outreach Opportunities

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That’s what I thought…just wanted to double check.

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All of these “additional insights” are what become problematic in SDA interpretation in practice, I suggest. It’s one thing to have a view and quite another claim that unsupported biblical view comes from God…by vision.


So you say but it is exactly what James is doing.

Anyway, I was not questioning your faith (though you seem to question the faith of the people of GYC). I was just saying that what you call “behavior” can also be the expression of faith as faith has ways to express itself.

Well, for someone who is not afraid of it, it seems that you see legalism everywhere.

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search for kevindpaulson and you should be able to find his user page.

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@timteichman, as @KevinSeidel mentioned, Discourse has a user search function that allows commenters to view the public profile info for other commenters. Here is the direct link to the public profile of the individual in question:

Additionally, when you’re in a commenting thread, if you click on someone’s icon, you’ll be able to see a “snapshot” of their public profile. If someone is suspended, it will tell you that information in the snapshot as well as the full public profile, though the way Discourse displays this info is slightly different in each location. For instance, the date someone’s suspension ends is listed in the snapshot, but not in the full profile. If someone is permanently banned, the Discourse system records that as a suspension of 1,000 years.


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It’s another way of saying that it is based on an extra biblical source’s cobbling together of biblical texts to support said visions, Carol. Oy!


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To a real exploration and application of the NT gospel on its own terms, apart from the extra biblical lens, and let the chips fall where they may. This is what the leadership of the WWCof G did. It forever altered their course. They are now a gospel and grace based denomination, rather than a legalistic cult.

It took leadership with courage, instead of leadership looking to preserve the status quo of traditional beliefs and structure of the present organization.



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Who is James?

Yes, it can be. But when someone makes a list of things that are expected - for others - that’s not appropriate. That’s forcing the issue. Like required “giving”, which isn’t giving, but then is a tax.

I don’t know… I can’t remember commenting on it on this site before this thread.

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Not quite 1000 years! I bet he feels cheated.

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@timteichman, his suspension began in October of 2018, so he’s served a partial sentence already.


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You are right, Frank. Alas, it will never happen. Too much $ involved with hospitals, schools, church/conf/office buildings. Gotta keep it going…

The WWCG had so much less “stuff” to worry about.

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Oh, good. Then he won’t feel cheated.

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Something like this? He sounds like a cult leader to me.

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Tim, well I suppose, given that video, that the special election of saints being the 144,000 and having God’s name written in their foreheads will be men. These are men that are not defiled with women because they are virgins and are the firstfruits among the redeemed. Therefore, a special headship group no doubt. :wink:

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I think that it’s because the @webed does not make an exception in the case of Kevin that he was blocked. The rule is the same for everyone. He must have violated the rules.

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It’s just that we were not aware of his suspension in October.
Oh boy, the “millennial club” it getting crowded. Maybe Spectrum should rent the LOUNGE to the millennials, this way they would feel “included”… :laughing:

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Are you sure it’s “virgins?”
Or may it actually be “Virginians?” … :laughing:

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My brother has an interesting take on the 144,000. Since a woman in Revelation represents either true or false religion, the 144,000 are atheists because they have not defiled themselves with women (religion). I like this because it shows how tricky dealing with apocalyptic literature can be.



I just watched this video and have two immediate thoughts on it. First, I would sense that the speaker is unmarried if I didn’t already know. Second, if a perfect man, formed directly by the hand of God and communicating directly with Him, failed in his supposed spiritual headship, what hope could flawed men in a sinful world have of being a fully righteous spiritual head?! They can’t. That’s why Christ is head of the Church, and of each individual through the Holy Spirit.


“Though God’s people will be surrounded by enemies who are bent upon their destruction, yet the anguish with they suffer is not a dread of persecution for the truth’s sake; they fear that every sin has not been repented of . . . .”

Wouldn’t that just be a form of “Jacob’s Trouble”? I mean, Jesus didn’t see that God was near the cross, because of sin, God had to veil himself…wouldn’t it be the same at the end of time for Christ’s followers? That we would fear we hadn’t confessed something in our lives and that it would keep us from being with God for eternity. Jesus couldn’t see though to the end, would His followers be able to? It doesn’t seem so to me…that’ s why the fear…

And as for LGT, I think it has to do with motives. If you are seeking to perfect yourself, you never will be for sure. Our ‘righteousness’ truly is as filthy rags. You ever try to clean yourself up after getting soot on yourself? The more you try to scrub it off the deeper it goes into your clothes, your skin…you cannot really ‘self-clean’ soot well. It takes Someone with clean hands, (clean heart) to cleanse you - to give you His righteousness.

But if you are so in love with Jesus that you don’t want to hurt Him with anything, and any time you find yourself even thinking of sinning, you are taking it to Him, wouldn’t you be ‘perfect’ without realizing it? Constantly staying in His presence, to give even temptation to Him? And wouldn’t that be the state that Mrs. White was mentioning…I think it is. Here, let me illustrate.

The story comes to mind of a woman who was married. Her husband demanded that she get up at 5:00 every morning to make him breakfast. He demanded that her day include making him a lunch, doing the dishes, having the laundry done, all the ‘womanly chores on his schedule’ and dinner on the table when he got home from work at 6:00 pm. without fail. He was demanding and gave her his ‘list’. She was resentful and it wasn’t too many years before the marriage broke down. But being a faithful wife, she stayed with him…until he died at a youngish age.

After a time, the woman met someone else and they married. He was respectful of her. He complimented her meals, her housekeeping, the lunches, breakfasts and dinners she made. Day by day she served him…one day going up into the attic, she found the old ‘chore list’.

Every single thing her first husband had demanded, she was doing still. Yet, there was a difference. She wasn’t doing it because she had been demanded to, she was doing it out of love! Love made the difference in the two marriages.

When I read Mrs. White’s statements, yes, they could be used as legalistic list making for sure, OR, they could be a statement of fact for what will be seen in the lives of those so totally in love with their Savior that they don’t care about a list, they are doing what they have been asked to by their Savior with joy!

I DO want that to be my life, serving out of joy. Not because there is someone looking over their list and checking it twice trying to cross my name off their list, but because they are looking for every reason to KEEP my name in the Book of Life.

From the few years of watching the GYC meetings (and I’m in my 60’s and have never personally attended, just watched off and on for a few years.) that’s what I see with these youth. The are so in love with Jesus, they want to follow Him wherever He goes. They aren’t trying to follow to get ‘Brownie points’, they are following because of what Jesus has done for them.

That’s also my reason for following Him. I hope to share Him with others in such a beautiful and winsome way, that others catch the same vision of His love through me. Blessings!