Handed Gifts, Surgeon Peter Han Explores Empathy

Peter Han was in elementary school when he picked up Gifted Hands, the autobiography of neurosurgeon Ben Carson. He read it cover to cover and the idea of using his hands to help others has inspired his life choices since. A graduate of Pacific Union College in 2012, Han earned an MD from Loma Linda University, School of Medicine, and now after 11 years of post-collegiate education, he is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon.  

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This is a timely article with which I can empathize somewhat, as my next door neighbor just had a cancerous mass removed from his nose and hasn’t been to work since.

Not because he can’t work but because he’s self conscious about his appearance.

Hopefully, I can be a better neighbor after reading this story.

Will Spectrum provide access to Dr. Han’s latest project?


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