Hansa Conference In Germany Affirms Prior Decision to Ordain Without Regard to Gender

The Hansa Conference in the North German Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, which includes the states of Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and Schleswig-Holstein, has reiterated its commitment to a statement drafted in 2012, which spoke in favor of the ordination of pastors to ministry without regard to gender.

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Lead on! The Spirit is moving around the world with sensitivity yet firmness. Pastors to the Gospel ministry “regardless of gender.”


we are definitely witnessing some exciting history in the making…this hansa statement is practically an apostolic we-must-obey-god-rather-than-men statement…


I am glad to read about the developments - for whatever they are worth. Incidentally, Basel is in Switzerland, not Germany, which means APD Germany and APD Switzerland reported, which is noteworthy in itself (they are the official PR agencies of the church after all). Furthermore … if you want to “colour the territority” on your map, perhaps you could add the Berlin-Mid-German Conference (Berlin, Brandenburg, Sachsen, Thüringen, Sachsen-Anhalt) - which at their regular conference in session earlier this year voted in their planning paper to support the North-German Unions on ordaining women (SPECTRUM did report). Personally I can’t see the other conferences in the Union holding a different position.


Just to clarify, the colored portion of the map is a geographic depiction of the territory the Hansa Conference occupies, not necessarily a map of the portions of Germany that support the North-German Unions concerning the ordination of women.

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Glückwunsch Hansa Vereinigung!!!


I like the emphasis on the Gospel ministry. The outcome of SA was not only a rejection of WO but a reaffirmation of an ego centric eschatology. Fortunately Eroupe has never placed much authority on Ellen White. The editors of the Review in the waning days of Brimsmead adopted Jesus as the Model Man theme which is the hallmark of the Wilson era. This cultic mind set pervades the Southern states. The West Coast offers some glimmer of hope. Tom Z


Well done Hansa Conference…you know the Scriptures and have decided to obey God rather then man.

Over the years, I have observed the results of this culturally based tradition of discrimination. Women in ministry have been: verbally attacked by male church members for not being “subservient to men”, ridiculed for entering the ministry, had their evangelistic and church growth proposals blocked by male church members (who were unqualified to judge these proposals) and denied input into decision making processes.

We women who minister in non-SDA churches do so because we will be treated with Christian courtesy and respect and we can preach the Word without opposition from ignorant persons. I pray that later generations of women can minister in the SDA church without opposition from persons who do not know the Scriptures or the power of God unto salvation or persons who have a political agenda. Rene Gale


This is heartening, to see an emphasis on the Gospel and on concerns about the young people and women and their perception of the Gospel. Unfortunately, the youth and women of the NAD are showing similar signs. When are some of our conferences going to stand up for God and the Gospel instead of the opinions of men?

Let’s continue ordaining women in NA so I can start wearing something other than black to church.


Culture, culture, culture. It’s a cultually-conditioned theology, plain and simple. (Well-stated, Rene.)


I am saddened to see the German Conference publicly break with church leadership, instead of settling their differences in prayer rooms. Why has SDA leadership embraced the idea that the church will fall without unanimity. It seems to me that God is very tolerant of diverse religious persuasions, as He is with diversity in human skin colors and physical features as well as in plant and animal life.

Diversity can be unity if there is love. Diversity is God’s creation when he created male and female.

Just like the Pacific Union Conference, the constituency isn’t folding on their convictions. The vote, again, did nothing to engender unity. I still think the Norwegians not “ordaining” is still the best move. Quit using the divisive, unbiblical term and practice. That would settle it much better.

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@tjzwemer, this has nothing to do with the authority of EGW.