Happy Birthday Ellen Gould Harmon White

I’ll second Tony’s point and add to it. The same reasons are offered by many to abandon any and all forms of religion. They are all seen as a scourge on this planet.

Might as well take your reasoning, Cassie, to its logical (or illogical) conclusion. (But to clarify, I do strongly disagree. I believe religion, the SDA Church, and Ellen White all continue to make positive contributions to society.)


I would simply say that it has been primarily others that have distorted her, elevated her to deity, and have mistaken pastoral leadership with prophecy. We see that continuing on this forum and other places with less visibility. I agree with others that she has had a profound impact on Christian thought, but others outside of this church more accurately see her works as important on many levels, but not prophetic.


“Jesus revealed no qualities, and exercised no powers, that men may not have through faith in Him. His perfect humanity is that which all His followers may possess, if they will be in subjection to God as He was.” DA 664.

Her extreme perfectionism still haunts me.


Cassie consistently asks in her posts, “What about the children?” She knew personally some of those who burned at Waco–and a number of them were children.

If my memory serves, Cassie herself has suffered deep loss and tragedy in her own family. Her bluntness may seem to you, @blc, like poor taste; however, her own personal history with the church, with voracious reading and believing every word ever written by EGW, and her deep losses inform her comments here (at least this is my impression from reading her indepth posts here).

Cassie deserves to be heard and to have our sympathy. She calls things like she sees them. Perhaps seeing things through her eyes will increase our own empathy towards those who have become victims of EGW’s writings by adults. @elmer_cupino @Cassie @GeorgeTichy


Some of us have know Cassie from early websites. She has endured more than anyone has at the hands of Adventists, including pastors. There are likely more who know from their own experience but are silent. Failure to empathize with those who have suffered from religious zealotry is to ignore that it happens more than might be believed. Their voices need to be heard and never discredited.


Easy fix. Stay away from Adventist sites and places that they see as distasteful and visit some more to their liking. You don’t see me going to Catholic or atheists sites bellyaching about them.

I tire of those who come into our house and gripe about the amenities. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

And I don’t want to hear we are not accepting. If they want to be here fine. If they just want to be here to denigrate, go away.


I don’t have to know Cassie’s story to know that she has endured much pain. I hope she grows to understand that there are some people in the Adventist church who were raised by loving parents and experienced loving pastors and teachers and their honest recollections will read much differently than hers.

If she is to experience any healing, it will be with the understanding that “hurt people hurt people”, and as long as she is experiencing and re-living her own pain, her words will continue to express that hurt to others. She deserves our sympathy, forbearance, respect, and help from those who are able to extend it to her. To take offense at Cassie’s words will not help her or anyone else.


efcee, I’m really sorry, you didn’t deserve that. I apologize.

Ellen White certainly made a lasting impact on theology and subsequent life style. one can find much to admire, and equally much to lament. The issue is how often has She been taken out of context. One of her greatest admirers M.L. ANdreasen gave a chapel talk at old E.M.E. On that very topic. The shame is that the present administration is using her in an un critical fashion, typical of a host is self supporting clans. Post Moderism and classic Adventism are on a headlong collision. Pastor Ted Wilson has no idea of the forces he is dealing with. His use of absolute power will have little effect on the outcome. Icabod ! tom Z


When my husband & I visited Eemshaven, the tour guide told us that Miss Elizabeth wasn’t much of a believer. Mrs. White prayed for her conversion her entire life. It was a beautiful tour, in the Napa Valley, & I would highly recommend it. Take a picnic basket & make a day of it!

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