Happy Theological Humility Day

It is our tradition to mark October 22, the day that the Seventh-day Adventist Church began, according to many. It is the day that the Millerite band expected their Lord to return to earth, and it is the day that he did not. The experience is captured in the words of Ellen White in "The Great Controversy," page 409.

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Although our church was “birthed in theological error,” what was more significant than the error was the wish of the group of people to be reunited with their heavenly father - sign me in. Where we come from is not as important as where we are headed. This is bond that we share with all of christianity.


Since Paul mentions in COL 2:18…voluntary humility …as an attitude of deceivers, maybe it is advantageous to really know what humility is and have it as part of character. The first week of October is national depression awareness week.
Why do I bring that up? Uhhh.

The Seventh day Adventist Church was born at the END of the 2nd American Great Awakening. To announce the Coming! of the Kingdom.
Today our perspectives have changed. No longer do we have the enthusiasm of the 1820s, 1830s, 1840s.
Today we tell 60 % [per cent] of the World Wide members, that is 10,800,000 members that they are NOT allowed to preach the Gospel to the World because God cursed them with the wrong hormones. They have Estrogen instead of Testosterone. They have smooth bodies and dont shave. They sing above middle C, and not below middle C.
Coming SA2015 we will again tell the 10,800,000 Women that they are cursed from birth and unworthy to be an Ambassador for God.

Have a Happy Theological Humility Day!!!


a part of me wishes i could have been around to experience 1844 - knowing me, i would have been totally into it…the world may never have another moment quite like that again…

That’s not true, Jeremy. It happens all the time. Your wish could come true if you just read your Bible.


How so? One of my favourite preachers is a woman who has been preaching for as long as I can remember.

Ascension Rock.
The 35th Arthur G. Keough Lectureship was held yesterday at Washington Adventist University to note 170 years since The Great Disappointment…and 10 years of Washington Adventist University Honors Program. Topics: “The Likeness of Jesus” the traditions of portraying Jesus, exploring how his likeness has been conceived and why it has taken the appearance that it has. “The Look of Things to Come” examined the role of images in the history of Adventism, exploring how visual imagery has participated in theological reflection, prophetic practice, and evangelism “1844: Millerism and the Legacy of the Great Disappointment” an exhibition of primary materials drawn from the Weis Library Heritage College and recent donations by the Honors Program and exhibited in the Weis Library Reading Room. Featured speaker, David Morgan of Duke University, most recently author of The Embodied Eye: Religious Visual Culture and the Social Life of Feeling; respondents: Douglas Morgan of Washington Adventist University, author of Adventism and the American Republic, Ingrid Satelmajer of University of Maryland College Park, author of chapters in The Book That Changed the World and Popular Poetry 1820-1870, and Konstantin Kulakov, poet and theology student at Union Theological Seminary.

I suppose its better than ‘The great mistake day’ or’ the Great cockup day’ or the ‘if they read the gospels they would not have come up with any dates in the first place’ day


Is your favorite pastor ORDAINED in the Seventh day Adventist church?
If so, she is among the very elect few that have been out of the 10,800,000
world wide [according to statistics posted on Spectrum over time].
However, she is still not recognized by the General Conference as being
in a legit position.
However, we must recall the words of Jesus when riding the donkey into
Jerusalem. If you quiet these, the stones will cry out.
Praise God for her humility. Being humble takes a lot of “guts” to perform
one’s duty. She is up there with Moses. Keep encouraging her.


Any clues as to why she is your favorite?
Does she preach on any bible books?

From somewhere, the Millerite group believed that the Earth was the Sanctuary
that was to be cleansed. The ONLY way it could be Cleansed would be for ALL
of God’s people to be “raptured” at the 2nd Coming – living and the dead.
Then God could melt the elements with fervent heat and create a new earth.
This was all serious stuff.
Later The Sanctuary Doctrine took the place of the 2nd Coming.

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So did the Advent movement replace one theological error with another to save face?


It’s understandable to some degree. Some of the folk let their farm land go to pot (not literally), being so sure of their expectations; and the “disappointment” was very real. Anyone who has discovered through Bible study that some of the hard core teachings of their church are not biblical, and don’t make sense, have the same experience. I can testify to that. When that rug gets pulled out from under. the whole paradigm changes and there is the sense of real loss - as if someone just died. You can imagine the relief if then, it’s discovered that it’s just that a mistake was made and the story line and the hope can continue - into the far distant future because the last name on the list can never be known. This state of living on tiptoes can go as long as it’s humanly possible to keep it up. It’s been one hundred seventy years now, and counting.

i read my bible every day, sirje…what i am missing…

Anyone can read the Bible through from beginning to the end. What you learn depends on how you approach it. For me it was all about believing that God can speak to me directly through the HS without a human mediary, like He has in ages past. If you believe the sky is green and the grass is blue, you will always be struggling against the evidence.


Humility is among the most precious of creaturely traits. But let us beware of confusing it with ambiguity and skepticism. Ellen White has observed, quite appropriately: “Skepticism and unbelief are not humility. Implicit belief in Christ’s word is true humility, true self-surrender” (DA 535).

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She is an ordained elder now after many years of being a Bible worker. She is one of the most spiritual people off any gender one could hope to find. No matter where we fall on the debate over WO, the fact that there are/have been different pay rates for men and women doing essentially the same work is an absolute disgrace.


She makes the Bible come to life with illustrations and then backing them up with scripture. She has away off engage in the listener and making them think. Her gentle warm voice makes the words quite something. This is a star contrast to some men who hit you over the head with the same Bible.


Please tell us, why did you bring it up? We’d like to know. Could it be rooted on misinformation or facts? No one links Diabetes, CHF, Hypertension and Ebola to religious conversations after all. Another secret unsealed?