Harry Anderson Painting Imitated for Deadpool Film Poster — and More News Shorts

(George Tichy) #21

3 x AUTCH!!! This is weird!

First of all. I do not believe that Jesus was as white as most people imagine. Being born in that region He may have been a little brown, or so.

I can only barely imagine how black people must feel reading this statement by EGW. This is one of the weirdest, most offensive statements about blacks. And they still read her writings?

(Kim Green) #22

CBD is from their “Perfection” line of products. Perhaps you should ask for more information from K.P. who is the head of the “Sales Dept.” (oh, and doubles up as Marketing and Sales head as well). :rofl:

P.S. It’s a busy life but SO fulfilling! :wink:

(Spectrumbot) #23

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