Hate Crime Hits Local Adventist Pastor

Imagine coming home from church one evening and to find the words BOP A** N***A sprayed-painted on your house. This is exactly what Pastor Oshaine Wynter discovered this past Sabbath, January 9.

Wynter, a resident of Aurora, Colorado is the pastor of New Community Church in Denver and Boston Street church in Aurora. Both are within the Central States Conference, a sister region to Rocky Mountain Conference.

Concerning the scary experience, Wynter said the whole situation has “been disappointing and sickening.” He further recalls the fear he felt when he saw those freshly-painted words on his garage, knowing his wife, 6-month-old, and 2-year-old were just feet away in the house.

The pictures posted on Facebook received swift comments of denunciation for the hate-filled words that Wynter and his family endured.

Commenting on the Facebook post, saying, “Bro, I’m so sorry your wife, children, and yourself had to endure this terrible racist thing. Bro, please be safe and keep your family safe. This is unacceptable.”

Another posted, “No excuse for this cruelty! Prayers for your safety and for a repentant heart for the perpetrators.”

After seeing the horrific picture on Facebook, Jessyka Dooley, RMC assistant youth director said, “This really makes my blood boil. My heart goes out to Oshaine and his family. May we surround them with love in both our words and actions during this time.”

Photo from Oshaine Wynter Facebook

The police, notified of the event, confirmed to Wynter that hate speech in Aurora has been sharply increasing since the U.S. election in November.

Commenting on the racial attack, Ed Barnett, RMC President said, “I am just appalled that racism is so apparent today in Denver. It just blows my mind.”

The Central States Conference Vice-President of Administration, Cryston Josiah echoed Barnett’s comment, saying “He has our love and support fully.  We do not condone attacks against him or anyone else.”

For safety reasons, Wynter and his family moved from their home, but the damage has been done to the community. Wynter said there is a new level of fearfulness among church members.

RMC pastors, from Littleton and Franktown, helped the Wynter family relocate on Sunday. The RMC youth department has also reached out to Pastor Wynter with the offer to assist with any needs his family may have in the aftermath of this crime.

Wynter believes that, “the type of fear you experience here [in the United States] you don’t experience anywhere else.”

The police continue to investigate this hate crime.

Josiah added, “that they have a lot of members [in the Central States Conference] who experience racism and he [Wynter] is strong and resilient against racism.”

Barnett added that following a successful gathering sponsored by the Littleton and Denver Park Hill Churches in October 2020, “the Rocky Mountain Conference continues to explore and hold conversations on how we can take a stand against racial injustice and promote solidarity among the ethnically-diverse population that both conferences serve.”


This article originally appeared on the Rocky Mountain Conference website.

Main image by Hello I'm Nik  on Unsplash.



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I decry all forms of racism and hate toward others due to the color of the skin or the beliefs. I wonder in this account if this local church has combined political statements in their preaching?

I was curious as to the letters BOP. I went to Urban Dictionary and this is one definition of BOP:

used to reference a good song; to

Situation 1: ‘View’ is such [a bop])
Situation 2: [EXO’s]s) song ‘Artificial Love’ from their new album EX’ACT is a bop!"

by [exothekings] June 19, 2016"

I couldn’t provide the exact quote from the Urban Dictionary due to Spectrum’ prohibition of including links in a reply.

I have heard the phrase that was tagged on the garage door before, but the phrase was not used in the form of hate speech. There is another definition of BOP from Urban Dictionary that I will not post. The other definition appears to be out of synch with the rest of the tagged phrase.

I went back to the Urban Dictionary to see how the word N***a was defined. UD defines the word as such: "A word that only black people use to call there homies if a white person uses it they are in some deep ." UD defines the word Nr differently. This word is defined as lazy, uneducated person, (of color), etc. Interestingly, this word was not used in the tag.

This reply is not intended to support hate speech. I do not support hate speech!

" I wonder in this account if this local church has combined political statements in their preaching?"

Why are you wondering, curious?

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Wynter says in an interview with Denver Media, Channel 7, that B-O-P may mean “body out of place.”

I guess that I am kinda insensitive seeing that my church is in a community where gun violence is prevalent and sometimes people get killed…My children have learned to evade gunshots and our church members minister to would be robbers etc… Are christians getting too soft ? I have endured my house being shot up by members of the security forces and I have not relocated…Maybe because i dont live in america as a black man but I dont see the big deal,just clean off your garage and get on with your life bro. You are a christian and a pastor at that…What do you expect?

Just because you choose to accept those conditions does not mean others should. And , Yes, your remarks are insensitive, but needn’t be or is that the new christian way…wondering…

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A friend of mine recently told me he listened to a Utube video from an Adventist Black pastor who publicly preached that any one who voted to Biden was voting for Pope Francis. The new president was going to place US under the plans and orders of Pope Francis. I think this kind of preaching is capable of creating some enemies.

“Someone told me…”, I have heard those exact words, and the remarks that followed, said about more than one pastor both white and black. I have also heard the same being attributed to both with the name of person, Trump or Biden, etc. For me, without a link/source that can be verified, It is gossip at best.

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I was not trying to demonstrate a reliable fact, although it was a SDA pastor that repeated the account to me. I only wished to show that there may be a cause for the hate crime reported in this article. It makes sense to be careful what church leaders say about politics and other religious faiths. Such as claiming that the Pope is the Anti-Christ and it creates the Mark of the Beast–vary few Westerners would agree. Some could be very offended and claim this is hate speech.

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BOP in general means a hit song everyone knows , but don’t know why they do. So, any hit song you know but don’t know the artist is likely a bop. It was commercially popularized through glitter and dance… and endless radio play.

There was a company that began taking these songs, cleaning these up and have kids sing it… you can look it up… called Kidz Bop. So, kids in it are all dressed like “disneyfied hipsters” and try too hard to appear cool and popular.

That phrase in certain black subculture and in reference to a black man generally means someone who is putting up a front to appear better than they are to gain popularity amd acceptance, especially with women.

I highly doubt that some Denver-based white racist would understand that culture enough to use that phrase. It’s way to niche for them to know that. It’s still a hate crime, but I think it’s misunderstood as to what’s it about.

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